140227 “Doodarabababop”…Henry ,’Gesture’ we met on the road [17P]


“Number 267 training soldier Henry, will head straight to the hair shop!”

‘Army man’ Henry is so excited. There is no scary red hat manager so he expresses the joy he have been keeping inside all at once. Just for this day, he was not Henry from the star.

“Are you watching? Ice Americano”

Right now, Henry is standing in middle of Sinsa-dong, Seoul.


“The feeling of joining the army?”



It was afternoon on February 26th.


‘SuperJunior M’ Henry appeared on the street of Sinsa-dong in Gangnam.
He is lifting the minds of viewers up and down these days as he is ‘Army ignorant’ and ‘Army man’.
Using the popular phrase, is it the ‘Experience effect’? He looks manly than before. He was casually walking in the middle of streets of Sinsa-dong.

Henry looked much happier than anytime else. It looks like he slept well with a gray sleeping pillow.
Henry sometimes has neck bone pains. It looks like he put a lot of soles under the shoes, his must-have item. His height looked way taller than 180cm.


“Sinsa-dong, I think it matches well with me”


“Geon Hyung daddy, I am doing well”


“There is no pineapple bro here”

But, unexpected situation occurs.


Henry was literally ‘Interest soldier’(?). On the road, his interest was way too much. He did not stay still even for a moment. His main skill is to turn his head in many directions. In one word, he is distracting.

Could it be because of that? He also sees the camera easily that is at the site. He even happily sends hand greetings. We just did not know what to do. Moreover, Henry even double-checks with his unique high tone voice.

“Did you guys come to record me right now?”

“Should I make some pose”

Henry was cheerful. He went up and down the stairs while the manager was parking. He could not stay still even for a moment. To Henry, wouldn’t ‘Reciting the military name’ and ‘Staying still posture’ such a hard task for him?

Now then, we will watch some of Henry’s naughty distracting behaviors.


“Journalist~, I saw you”


“I will be back after getting my hair done~”


We could also see Henry’s casual clothes sense. He matched a hoodie to gray jeans. To this, he wore a black baseball jacket. It was lively naughty kid look. It was also a fashion that matched well with Henry’s cute look. He shows off clean skin even when he did not apply make-ups.

A moment later….


We see Henry coming down from the 2nd floor. He is successful in transforming completely. Where is naughty Henry that we saw a moment ago? He also changed clothes. It is a dandy coat. The chicness that we could not see before was felt.

When we talk about Henry, Isn’t he ‘Wealthy in gestures’. His patent gestures also were shown in the shop. He waved his hand left and right and greeted the staff members. He looked completely satisfied with his style. There is no possibility of getting criticized here so he enjoys the gestures all he wants.

Take a look at his gesture infinite gesture ability.


“Infinite gesture~♪”


“I use it all I want~”




“Broad range gesture Henry!”


Henry is a member of ‘SuperJunior M’. He is Chinese Canadian. He joined SM through ‘SM Global Audition in Canada’ in 2007. Including Korean, he is fluent in 6 languages of English, Chinese, French, Thai and Japanese. He also played an active role with the first solo song ‘Trap’ last June.

His real potential started to be shown on MBC-TV ‘A Real Man’. He rose up as the important figure in entertainment industry with his off-the-wall and lively charm. He mesmerized the viewers as he is the clumsiest soldier in history. According to the associate of SM, Henry’s charm is just about to begin.

Readers, hope everyone enjoys Henry all you guys want.

Credit: naver starcast | Dispatch
Photo credit: Dispatch
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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