[With English Trans] 140227 ‘Super Show 5’s ‘Super Moment’ that Super Junior members chose [9P]

Is it the end to ‘SUPER SHOW 5’ with ‘SUPER SHOW 5’ finale performance?!
We have prepared for the fans, who think it is too sad to end it like this just like our members.

A long journey that lasted 11 months, the memorable moments of ‘SUPER SHOW 5’!! that SuperJunior members, who just finished the finale performance of SUPER SHOW 5, shares. It is so called ‘Super Moment’!!
Check it out right now~!!
We start with Kangin, who got the opportunity first~!!


Kangin : For me, since I am doing the concert in such a long time, I made lots of mistakes.
I think every performance from Seoul performance to Beijing concert that happened not long ago was special, and I felt it is really lucky to be able to see the fans on the stage once more.
From now on, I will meet fans more often and will try to show Super Junior’s unique cheerful sides.


Eunhyuk : For me, it was South America tour. I heard that our ‘SUPER SHOW 5’ held the biggest South America tour out of all Korean singers, and something that stood out while going on South America tour first time as a Korean singer were overseas Koreans who came to the performance site. We got the energy from them and were able to prepare for South America tour in a much passionate way.
In Singapore, we had free time for the first time and walked out the hotel with the members and ate good foods and I remember that moment a lot as we rarely had free time while doing SUPER SHOW. “


Ryeowook : I think it was South America tour for me also. It was a country that we had to fly for a long time even when we were on an airplane, and I was surprised as there were so many local fans in South America that came to watch SuperJunior. I heard later on that we Super Junior held the concert for the first time as a Korean singer in Argentina and I think my mind was overwhelmed with emotion. “There is something I want to tell the fans while finishing the ‘World tour’, I was so grateful that I was able to feel the love of our E.L.F starting from Seoul performance to Beijing performance and until the end!!
The card section that fans always do for us at the last part of the performance is always touching~!! I will look forward to it in ‘SUPER SHOW 6’ also


Siwon : For me, on the day of ‘SUPER SHOW 5’ performance in Singapore, I heard that the number of accumulated audience of our ‘SUPER SHOW’ exceeded one million, and I think it was really meaningful.
We came to hold more performances since then and I heard that the number of accumulated audiences reached 1.35 million. I was so touched when I thought about the fact that we really met lots of fans going around the world and had fun together.


Donghae : For me, I was also very grateful when I heard the news that the accumulated audience of our ‘SUPER SHOW’ exceeded one million, and I heard the news that the accumulated audiences are 1.35 million people through the article and I thought there are really lots of things I am grateful for.

I was able to go to lots of countries that I have never been to through this ‘SUPER SHOW 5’, and I was really happy as I was able to see E.L.F, who has been waiting for a long time, and also their pretty eyes. I want to show our Super Junior performance in the countries that we haven’t been to as soon as possible, and just like we remembered ‘SUPER SHOW 5’ together, I hope we fill up ‘SUPER SHOW 6’ together also!!


Sungmin : Sadly, SUPER SHOW 5 ended. I heard that the number of accumulated audiences, who came to watch our ‘SUPER SHOW’ performance, exceeded 1.3 million, and I show my deep gratitude to our fans and to everyone who watched the performance.
Umm.. We held many events but the most memorable one I think was ‘Disguise show’ event at the airport. We prepared for the event when we were leaving for performance in Mexico to celebrate Super Junior’s 8th anniversary since the debut, and we are glad as we gave laughter to lots of people. We will try to be Super Junior who tries much harder to give even more happiness and joy from now on. I love you guys.


Heechul : For me, I think the one I remember the most is no doubt the performance in Manila last October because I joined ‘SUPER SHOW 5’ again. I participated in the performance in a long time and I was really nervous but I was really grateful for the support of the fans, who still greeted me happily, and was touched.


Kyuhyun : For me, the one I remember the most is the day we held a special lecture in Oxford, England, the day before the performance of ‘SUPER SHOW 5’ performance in London last November.
From the larger topic of ‘K-POP’, many episodes of ‘SUPER SHOW 5’, and we also had time to learn the dance of ‘Sorry Sorry’ with the students. As it was an honorable moment, I think it became the moment in which we looked back at our Super Junior’s past activities. 


Shindong : For me, I have lots of memories of ‘SUPER SHOW 5’ performance but Avengers concept conference and shooting for the video while preparing for the performance is also memorable. We had so much fun while shooting. Hahaha. Something that was especially funny I think was Wong Fei Hung and the emergence of Dragon Ball and so on that does not even make sense. I think it was the performance in ‘SUPER SHOW 5’ that cannot be left out.
We have met ‘Super Moment’, the most memorable moment that Super Junior members chose. Since it was busy performance schedules for 1 year, we think that it became a meaningful memory and we think that there were lots of things that is worthy of becoming new history.
We promise to make even more special memories in the future!! We will say thank you once again.

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