[Trans] 140219 Funny Bits of Heechul’s interview with Park Shinhye [6P]

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When Park Shinhye mentioned about the concern of fast spread news about her whereabouts on SNS ~
Heechul: That’s tiring, but do you know how to deal with this?
My method is to upload pictures and mention who I am with, before others can.
That’s how i let my fans know.

When talking about pretty girls ~
Heechul said he only remembered their figures and not much of how they look.

Throughout the interview, even though Heechul said that Park Shinhye is his senior, as she debuted in the year 2003 while he only debuted on 2005 … he spoke informally while Park Shinhye spoke formally.

Picture credit: naver
Korean to Chinese Translation by 火星上黄老邪–KIIRO | 暖暖酱子呀
Chinese to English Translation by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
Take out with full and proper credits! Thank you!


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