[Trans] 140123 当代歌坛 Interview with Zhoumi [2P]



About China Line
Recently you hosted C-Radio with Jia and Fei, how do you feel?
It was relaxing because it’s my mother tongue and the two partners, Jia and Fei, are good friends of mine so I don’t feel nervous at all. To us, this radio show has a special meaning. I have know Jia and Fei for more than a year and we always talk about having a show for China Line. Coincidently, MBC wanted to do a program like this.
They looked for us and we accepted it. Although the 3 of us are DJs whenever there are guest there, I feel like this radio show belongs to everyone. We chatted like friends, letting others know how it is like to be a Chinese living in Korea.
Are you the head of the China Line?
There isn’t really a leader but if you arrange us according to age, I am the first. Hahaha (The manager quickly shifted the conversation back) Ok ok, I was 18 last year. We have different roles in the China Line. Like there will be a member who will suggest for gatherings. That member is often EXO’s Tao or Tasty’s Big and Litte Dragon.
Jia is in charge of communication, she will contact everyone. Every time when we gather, I will lead and start the talk because I am the oldest. Hahaha (laughing again, actually how are you old?). I have been to Korea for 6 years and it was the first time 7/8 of us gathered together for Mid Autumn festival. Just eating with friends like this gave me a lot of thoughts. Alone for so long, finally we can gather together.
Do you have anything to tell the new trainees who just arrived in Korea?
As long as you are a Chinese debuting in Korea, we are happy to gather with you. I feel that those artistes work overseas are really having a hard time. Like us, who are older hahahaha (laughing once again, stop saying you are old, you are just a big boy), when we are having a hard time we can still bear with it.
But those who are younger than us, they will miss home more. Since we have a Line, all of us can take care of each other like family. So we welcome any Chinese artistes who are working in Korea to come join us.
Fast Thinking Musician
Who do you interact with more in terms of music?
Musically, Lay (EXO) chats with me a lot. I only started composing these two years, previously I only wrote lyrics. Lay likes to compose too, he started before his debut. He likes to pull me into his room and say “Hyung, listen to this song I made”. At that time he compose mainly on the theme of family love.
Something like ‘I miss you Mum’, so I really can’t give him much advice. These few years he has slowly turned right (Turned Right? This kid was probably being influenced by his hyungs), and started composing songs which I can give more advice. Slowly, we started chat more, including the music styles he likes. He is growing up and becoming more matured.
What kind of habits do you have when composing? For example do you write the lyrics first or the melody?
I think, whether a song is nice or not depends a lot on the melody. So when I am composing a song, I will compose the melody first then write the lyrics. What did you ask me just now? (What kinds of habits do you have when composing?) I can’t drag stuff. I have a fast personality. Just like when I wrote my book.
When I knew that I had the possibility of publishing the book, I didn’t sleep for 4 days when I was in Thailand. I wrote it throughout the night, every night, I wrote for like 5 hours.
I was afraid that if I drag, I might not want to do this on again on the second day. Basically when the company gives me a song, I will hand it in the second day. I will only give myself one night’s time. From 12am when it’s deep into the night and quiet, when it’s quiet, I can think better without getting distracted.
How many times did you amend the lyrics the most?
Up till now I have written 9 songs’ lyrics. The company seems to approve my lyrics pretty quickly. But I am suspecting if they approve it because they saw that it’s written by me. Hahaha.. but actually they did do some selecting. Maybe because I have been with the company for a long time,so I know what kind of feel they want.
What kind of lyrics should match this music style. Because we have Korean members so I avoid using hard words. After a long time, I understand more in these areas than people outside (not in the company).
What kind of music styles are you more incline to? Ballads or Dance?
I prefer slow ballads because I think I am most comfortable with that, more relaxed. But I want to try different styles lately. SJM has more fast songs but whenever I said that I want to sing and dance together, Jia and Fei will tease me, they will tell me “Just sing your songs well”. I will reply them “Please, I belong to the dance scene”.
So I am looking for a chance in future to do something awesome to give them a shock. But right now I still do mainly ballads.
Self-Improving Actor
What plans do you have for acting?
Actually I received a role in September but before I join the filming crew, there were some changes so I didn’t go for it in the end. However I have not been lazing for this half year. Besides the concerts with SJ and some solo activites, I am also preparing new productions. Hopefully they can be released soon.
Because as long as there is an opportunity, I would like to try it out. At first the company assigned me as singer but slowly I get to do MCing, writing and dramas. They are all trying processes for me.
If I don’t try it, I will not know if I will really like it. After trying, I feel that maybe I can really do this and work harder for it, getting better at this area, to do the role better when I receive a new script.
What kinds of roles do you want to challenge next?
I want to try out lifestyle dramas. Those that mothers like to watch. Recently I am watching ‘Let’s Get Married’. Considering my looks and age, it may be a little too early to try out this kind of drama. But I really got lots of feelings from that drama because the actors really did it very well.
The script was good too, I feel like getting married with someone after watching it. This is the influence that the actors of that show gave me. I don’t know if it is possible but I really want to try out lifestyle dramas. Actually I wanted to try doing the bad guys because I think my looks especially suits it.
Those kind of cool bad guys with fire in their hearts but looks cold on the outside. But after watching ‘Let’s Get Married’ I think it’s a challenge too to act as a normal everyday peasant.
I can make myself look uglier but if that doesn’t work then I have no idea how. (But you are unable to convince others that you want to get married) But look at Gao YuanYuan, she is so pretty and she gives people the impression that she doesn’t want to get married… yet she doesn’t look awkward in that show. (Even after the manager and I made fun of him, he is still persistence with doing a life drama).
Editor’s note:
Zhoumi brought along a youthful looking coat but the photographers ignored it. In the end that coat didn’t make it to appear on screen. During the interview, Zhoumi persistently wore it to show a bit of pity and protest.Till the end of the interview, he still wanted to try shoot some pictures with it.

Picture Credit: 周觅吧
Translation Credit: Miko
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