140123 Naver Starcast Interview with Kangin – The Twist in The Strong Man [40P]


When thinking of Kangin, it reminds of a real man. Even the name is full of charisma. However, he is a man with a twist. First, he has a happy personality. He is not picky and easy going. He is way too warm to the junior singers. Also, he even has delicateness as he uses hydration hand cream often in the winter.

Also, Kangin is the original ‘Idol who can do everything’. Before serving in the army, he was active in various fields such as singer, acting, and the host and so on. Even after finishing serving in the army, he is still busy. Recently, he was chosen as to play main role in the musical ‘Princess Hours (Goong)’ and the movie ‘Cat Funeral’. One more, he even became the host of the music program.

On January 23rd, we met Kangin in Bitmaru in Ilsan. On this day, Kangin was the host for the cable channel MBC music ‘Show Champion’. We have taken a closer look into everything from the waiting room, the rehearsal and the live show for the readers of ‘STARCAST’. What would the ‘real man’ Kangin’s charms be like? Come on and let’s take a look~


▶ 3pm (Taking care of the look): The first impression of Kangin was bright. He was already leading the atmosphere at the site like a 9th year idol group member. He was reducing his nervousness by making jokes with the staff member. He even prepared a speaker himself and recommended the song that he likes.

Since he is the host of the music program, Kangin was seen putting thoughts into his looks. The stylist was settling his hair with fast hand movements. Use the spray again, and again, and because of that, ‘Kangin style hair’ that stays still even when waiting for 3 hours came into being.

“Since I am a singer, I usually listen to music often. I am listening to Kim Kwang Suk’s songs these days often. I really like the sentiments of that time. I even have the music on in the waiting room. There is a huge fun that comes from recommending the song that I like to others.” (Kangin)


“I have my faith in you”


“Left hair, ok”


“Right hair also looks fine”


“Front hair is also ok~”


“Hmm.. I like it!”


▶ 3:20 pm (Bag check): ‘STARCAST’ readers would have all been looking forward to it, right? It is the time for ‘Don’t ask’ bag check. Kangin’s wine-colored bag is noticeable. We started to check the bag right away.

Kangin’s belongings are delicate. The items that were in a huge bag were a beanie, tablet PC, hand cream and fan letters. Especially, a hand cream is unexpected. He even says “I am the kind of a man who even uses hand cream’ and shows off to the staff members. A hydration hand cream to a real man Kangin.

Since you guys are checking the bag, I will show it slightly. I do not even know what kind of things I brought today. First, there is a beanie. Since it is too cold… Tablet PC is a necessary item. And there is hand cream! It happened to be in here! I am the kind of a man who uses hand cream. There are also letters that the fans gave me. I get energy from it.


“Are you guys saying that you guys are curious about my bag?”


“I am the kind of a man who even uses hand cream~”


“This not a love letter but a fan letter”


▶ 3:30pm (Bibimbap eating broadcast): Nothing is more important than eating. Kangin is a considerate man. He ate late lunch in the waiting room. The menu is stone pot Bibimbap. He gave the table to the staff members and he is eating while holding the pot. It seemed like it was hot as he sat in front of the mirror by himself and started eating for real.

Kangin is so into Bibimbap. He admired consecutively for every bite that he takes. He even asked the staff member, “It is good. Where did you order this Bibimbap from?” It looked like he was about to save the phone number of that restaurant. He ate it so ambitiously and ate again and again.

“Wow, which restaurant is this Bibimbap from? It is so good. I was not going to eat much since the group dinner is planned today, but I am holding up the spoon again. I should be showing my own unique eating broadcast… Is there something different that I can show? It is all about eating delicious things in a delicious way! Hahaha”


“Bibimpap, fall, fall into me”


“You fell for my charms baby”


“Kangin also fell for the charms baby”


▶ 4pm (Internet shopping): Kangin is a happy man. He turned on the tablet PC after eating and gave tips about online shopping this time. He went into one shopping mall and lectured about how to get good items. The staff members burst out laughing with every word that comes out from his mouth.

Kangin had three tips on how to get good items. It is to wait for the ‘short time sale’, ‘only choose the items that has huge discounts’ and ‘search for the rare item’. It is said that he is into shopping for daily life necessities recently. He showed off in detail that he purchased various items such as cleaning product and bath product and so on.

“Journalist, do you shop online? I am into OO recently. When you buy it during the short sale period, the discount rate is huge. I even bought cleaning products not long ago. I am using it well in the house with the members. You, stylist, should buy it from here too! It is so cheap!


“Wait for the short time sale when shopping on internet”


“It would be better if the item delivers fast”


▶ 4:30pm (Script check):  Kangin is a thorough man. Checking the script before the rehearsal is necessary. He double checked the script with the authors also. He reduces his nervousness with improvised ad lib. He even examines in advance by asking about the group when the name of an unfamiliar idol group shows up.

PD also visited Kangin’s room. He gave a mission to Kangin and left. It was a request to add a slight gesture during the closing. Kangin worked on it right at the spot by making several poses. Is it because of his easy going personality? He was getting lots of love from the staff members.

“I check the script and the moves with the staff members every time before starting the rehearsal. The truth is, I am so familiar with the authors because I have known them for a long time. Half about checking the script and half about making the joke and we chit chat. They treat me in a comfortable way so I reduce my nervousness and I really like it.”


“Should I add some ad lib at this part”


“It looks like the show today is going to be fun”


“I will add the gesture for sure”


▶ 4:50pm (Gongchan visits): Someone suddenly knocks on the door of the waiting room. ‘B1A4’ Gongchan carefully walked in. As soon as Gongchan saw Kangin, he gave a bow in 90 degrees. He looked so nervous because he was facing a much older senior singer.

Kangin burst out in laughter to Gongchan’s such a side. He suggested to shake hands first and treated Gongchan in a familiar way by petting on his back. With Kangin’s consideration, Gongchan soon showed a bright smile. Even when meeting the junior singers away from the waiting room, Kangin gave them warm encouragement.

“When I look at junior idol groups, I think of lots of things. It is true that we have to be more careful and behave politely when we are popular. I know that well more than anybody else. So, whenever I look at someone polite like Gongchan, I am proud and feel grateful.”


“Gongchan, congratulations on comeback”


“The song Lonely is good~”


“Shaking hands with two hands is the most basic thing”


“I will wish that guys become a long-run group just like us”


▶ 5 pm (Rehearsal): Finally, the rehearsal began. Kangin got the microphone and went up on the stage. He checked the moves with authors seriously. Maybe it is because of his long experience in being the host, we felt relaxation rather than nervousness.

A moment later, Kangin became the host. With the sign from the producing staff members, he smoothly read off the prepared lines. He perfectly finished the opening lines. Hold on, when the junior singers were singing, he even enjoyed by waving hands left and right at the back.

“Did I look relaxed? The truth is, I was a little bit nervous. It is good that I did not look like that. I think the rehearsal today is fun. I felt the new kind of vibe as there were lots of singers who made a comeback. I am going to show a perfect side during the live show.”


“Ready to go on the rehearsal~”


“Yes, I get the sense of it”


“My talking skill is also perfect, right?”


“Dancing to the songs of junior singers”


“I will see you in the real show~”


▶ 6pm (Live broadcast):  After taking a short break, he went right into live broadcast. Even when it is a live broadcast, there was no sign of nervousness. He fluently read out the lines just like he did in the rehearsal.
It is the dignity of the original ‘Host idol’.

Oh, you guys all remember PD’s gesture request, right? On this day, Kangin ended the show with cutie facial expression and by waving his hand.
Another twist in the charm of a real man Kangin was shown once again. The fans gave explosive cheers to Kangin’s such a side.


“I finished getting ready for the live broadcast show~”


“Rainbow Black, congratulations on comeback~”


“This was the host Kangin so far. SuperJunior is also planning to make a comeback this year. We will be back with more upgraded music so please look forward to it and I hope you guys think positively about me trying hard from now on to the future. I will always do my best.”

▶ Behind pictures. We have prepared for the readers of ‘STARCAST’. It is Kangin’s way of taking pictures of himself.


“Kangin, can you take a picture of yourself?”


“This is too plain”


“I will just close my eyes”

Source: Naver Starcast
Credit:Kim Su Ji (Dispatch)
Picture Credit: Seo Yi Joon (Dispatch)
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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