[Trans] 131226 ‘Japanese Magazine 2013 Volume 1 ‘ with Eunhyuk

Q. Where would you like to date your girlfriend?
EH: I want to travel overseas. From all the previous trips I’ve went to, I’d love to go with my girlfriend to Paris. At first, I (thought) it was a place to travel to alone. Went in 2009. While walking down the streets “It’s a very romantic place to go to with a girlfriend” I was thinking. The landscape floats in my mind. Girlfriends like to go there. Travel preparations or Local Plans together are fun, I love the process of preparation. If the Girlfriend is bothered, I’ll do it all (laughs). It needs to be Comfortable. And I like to drive during late night. Driving and eat grilled clams. Go to the sea and play fireworks. Beauty. Would like to do that

Q. What’s the word that you hate to hear?
EH: “Disappointed” I hate this word(and such words). When I hear that, I feel that it’s breaking my heart.

Q. New things you want to challenge?
EH: Personally, I want to do extreme sport challenges. I’d like to do Sky Diving, Bungee Jumping, and Scuba Diving.

Q. What thing do you wanna hear from your girlfriend?
EH: “Together”.’Let’s do something together’ I would be glad and like that.

Q.How did you spent your birthday on 4th of April? Any Gift left in memory?
EH: I went to Vietnam on my Birthday. The whole we were riding cars, and planes. After that when we arrived at the Inn the Birthday passed without realizing it (laughs) However, Me and the Members celebrated it the day before. Ah! I remembered the birthday celebration that Yoon Jong Shin did for me. Because of his schedule, he arrived 2 hours late after us, because he arrived late, he couldn’t buy cake, so he bought bread and candles. He sang me the birthday song, Very touching.

Q. You’ve been in Vietnam for variety program “Barefoot Friends”. What was it like?
EH: When I went to Vietnam, alot of fans rushed to the airport so I was very surprised. Thanks to them my power came out (laughs). We had planned to do the program secretly and move cautiously. After the arrival, you know that they ride motorcycles alot in Vietnam. Alot of fans were chasing our car so I was worried about it. But on the other hand, I was grateful. Because there were so much fans who came to see me. Although the shooting had stopped (for a while), but my power appeared because of it.

Q. What type of woman you think would fit other members?
EH: I think for Kangin, it would be someone who can hold (control) him. For Donghae, he would do anything she likes so I think Impressionable or sensitive girl are good for him. For Yesung it would be someone who cares deeply and can be considered as a Mom. For Sungmin, Any Girl would fit for him.

Q. (What’s) your favourite women fashion?
EH: I don’t like revealing and loose clothes to the body, I like snug and comfortable appearance. Like in the Drama “I’m sorry I love you” the style of Lim Su Jung-noona. For hairstyle, I like it to be lovely and natural!

Q. Do you have anything sweet or special to give or say to your girlfriend?
EH: I’ll tell her to meet me and I’ll kiss her (laughs).

Q. World tour is different from country to country, (in your opinion) What country had an impressive reaction?
EH: Japan one of the most memorable (concerts). Although the Concert is about 3~4 hours, but when the song starts, All Japanese (ELF) start singing with us. I feel it’s a kind courtesy. During the show, when they are impressive, it reinforces (us) for toiling. So I work harder.

Credit: LinLeeNae | Sj_Empire
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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