[Trans] 131221 Smtown Week Exhibition – Smtown Kakaotalk

-How are members doing these days?
sungmin: busy preparing for musical ttm performances
shindong: have been on diet for past 9 years!!!
EunHyuk: Always thinking about you all~
Kangin: Working hard on filming ‘Cat Funeral’!
Donghae: Busy these days working on Donghae & Eunhyuk album and end of year concert!
Ryeowook: Spending time practicing everyday
Kyuhyun: Practicing for Moon that Embraces the Sun and end of year concert
Heechul: In the midst of going back to being a celebrity~~
Siwon: I finished movie ‘Helios’ filming well and is doing well these days. I’m also preparing for something new~

-Super Junior is always full of energy. Any secrets/tips? 

Sungmin: members are originally overflowing w energy~^^
EunHyuk: Because we have your love~~^^
shindong: because of me~~~?!
Kangin: positive thoughts. Present is the best moment!
Donghae: Maybe because we work to think positive in every situations?
RyeoWook: I am happy everyday because of your love
Kyuhyun: we have many members, and they’re all funny.
Heechul: because we fight often…^o^
Siwon: power of being thankful and having positive mind

-How does SJ handle stress?
Sungmin: find something tasty
EunHyuk: Eat what I want,as much as I want. Then watch TV!
Shindong: eating~^^ then diet!
Kangin: Meeting friends and talking~^^
Donghae: Make songs when I’m stressed~
RyeoWook: Watching ‘Food X File’, ‘Hello’
Kyuhyun: Game
Heechul: Finding tasty restaurants, wine with friends
Siwon: Eating pizza with toppings that suit my taste, ‘Choi Siwon Pizza’

-Christmas presents you want?
Sungmin: I don’t want anything~
Shindong: Becoming skinny~
Kangin: candles
Donghae: Gas (coupon to pump gas for car)
Ryeowook: Girlfriend ^^ just kidding, I only need ELF~
Kyuhyun: Free-time
Heechul: Gold, cash, gas(same as hae)
Siwon: A round trip ticket to Israel

-‘super junior’s airport fashion’ is a hot topic. What do you want to challenge dressing up as for Christmas?
Sungmin: I want to focus more to the concert and become more ‘dartagnan’-like
Eunhyuk: Stewardess uniform
Shindong: Gandhi
Kangin: I want to ride real rudolf to the airport
Donghae: I don’t really want…
Ryeowook: I want to stop kk
Kyuhyun: None~
Heechul: Of course for winter, bikini!
Siwon: wise man(magi)

-You are in midst of world tour. What moment do you remember the most, or was very happy about?
Sungmin: We went to many countries we visited for first time. Every moment was precious.
Eunhyuk: South America tour. We also traveled while doing the tour so I remember it more.
Shindong: Korea!
Kangin: South America tour. They really welcomed us though it was our first time visiting their countries.
Donghae: I remember all the countries~~!
Ryeowook: This question is the hardest~ㅠ first is remembered the most so…^^ i remember all the countries we went for the first time
Kyuhyun: the moment when fans did a wave! I can remember greatness of it.
Heechul: I was added in the middle of the tour..ㅠ..ㅠ
Siwon: the South America tour we went for first time~^^

-what is elf to you?
kangin: soulmate
heechul: my kids/babies
hyuk: jewel
siwon: heart
sungmin: everlasting friends!
kyuhyun: everlasting friends
shindong: the reason why ive always been on a diet for past 9 years! (i want to become pretty)
ryeowook: just as the word says, everlasting friends~ let`s always be together~

-if there was a time machine, what time would you go back to?
sungmin: 1986/Jan/1st
eunhyuk: i like the present time most
shindong: 10 years into the future! i want an invented it machine!
kangin: i want to go back to when grandmother was alive
donghae: 1997, when i was in 5th grade… i think i was most happy back then.
kyuhyun: year 0. just curious
ryeowook: reply 1994 kk ! when i was in 1st grade~ i remember it was my first time dancing 룰라`s dance…^^
heechul: 2005 11 06 waiting room of first broadcast
siwon: 2030. i am curious about what and where I will be

-how do you want to spend the year`s end?
Sungmin: just like any average day
Eunhyuk: i will watch end of year awards on tv and plan for next year
shindong: diet
kangin: i have no plans yet but I think i will be at where i`m needed!
donghae: i want to have good time with my family
ryeowook: to be honest, i like having schedules~i think i`d be lonely wo schedules. after schedules, will spend time w my family~~^^
kyuhyun: with loved ones, exciting party time!
heechul: game
siwon: i will spend the time well to end the year well

-Wishes for 2014?
sungmin: family`s health~~^^
eunhyuk: i want to show many good songs and stages!
shindong: finishing diet kkk
kangin: i hope everyone that knows me will be healthy~
donghae: 2014 with Super Junior^^
ryeowook:love more, be healthier, &happier in 2014~
kyuhyun: health, and i hope to meet many more fans in 2014!
heechul: receiving LOL Challengers title
Siwon: i hope we have the strength again in 2014 to get right back up when we feel tired and worn out.

Credit: youngwoonjungsu
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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