131213 [Video] Heechul Says Sasaeng Fans Should Not be Called Fans

Frustrated with the behavior of some fans, Super Junior’s Heechul stated that sasaengs should not be called fans.

On December 12’s broadcast of jTBC’s Ssulzun, the MC panel discussed the seriousness of sasaengs in fan culture these days.

Being an idol himself, Heechul said, “Sasaeng fans shouldn’t have the word ‘fans.’ We just have to see them as sasaengs.”


When asked what his standard of sasaengs is, Heechul replied, “If you come to see me at work, fine, since it is work, but anything other than that, especially private places, then no.”

He explained that fans are welcome in official events where he’s ready for it with the right clothes and makeup, but anything else, he disagrees with, especially coming in front of his house.

He admitted that when he hears camera sounds, he tries to pose a bit, since those pictures do go online and it can be an extra promotion for programs, restating that he’s okay with fans coming to work with him.

Heechul added because fans do follow him during his personal time, he’s gotten in car accidents after being chased down.


Kim Gura said the beginning of sasaeng fans was with SM Entertainment, specifically with H.O.T. He shared that Moon Hee Jun once woke up in the middle of night to see a fan staring down at him. Heechul shared that some sasaeng fans have broken into the Super Junior dorms, taking photos of the members’ underwear, and posted them online.

Heechul also talked about how male idols do not urinate in urinals and instead go into bathroom stalls to do their business.

“I was wondering why Kyuhyun and other idols always go to the bathroom inside the stalls,” said Kim Gura.

Park Ji Yoon also pointed out that the EXO members take turns guarding the bathroom door to prevent sasaeng fans from taking pictures of them in the bathroom.

Credit: CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong
Photo Credit: jTBC
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