[Trans] 131123 Super Junior’s “Memory in Hawaii” Photocards [9P]


[Trans] Siwon’s postcard message: “I went to Hawaii. You go too, to Hawaii.”


[Trans] Kangin’s postcard message: “(It`s) only 8th anniversary…There is much more to go~ There are many more things (I) want to show, and let you hear. We will give (to you guys) now~ Ja~ receive (it)!!”


[Trans] Shindong’s postcard message: “Congrats!! 8th anniversary, yahoo~. We’re only 8 years old now. Just starting into school! It’s only the start~ We have to grow well so we can become college student age, 20..hehe. Congratulations more to ELF than me~”


[Trans] Ryeowook’s postcard message: “E.L.F.~ Thank you for loving us so much past 8 years!! I hope you will be happy while looking through the photobook. I love you :>. 2013 in Autumn.”


[Trans]  Yesung’s postcard message: “ELF hello~ You were surprised to see me in this photobook, right? I`m relieved to be able to meet you like this in the short time I will be gone! The 8th anniversary since the day we met will come in Fall… I won`t be able to be with you at that time but… I will congratulate you and pray for you in another place^^ And also (will pray so that) the day we meet again will come quickly~♥ I will be leaving soon but ELF! You will protect Super Junior right? Please take care of them well~^^ I will miss you… Will want to see you… A lot… Really… Everyone, be healthy! Let`s meet in 2015~♥ I love you…”


[Trans] Eunhyuk’s postcard message: “8th anniversary~!! Always thank you and love you♡ We just took few pictures without much~effort and it became a photobook^^ Please treasure it(the photobook)”


[Trans] Donghae’s postcard message: “ELF lets go to Hawaii together next time!^_^”


[Trans] Kyuhyun postcard message: “8 years of love… (We) have met for 8 years. Nobody knew we’d see each other so long… And afterwards, spending 80 years together, thinking about each other all day ^-^”
*He changed the lyrics from “7 Years of Love”


[Trans] Sungmin’s postcard message: “Always wanted to go Hawaii! Because I could go with the members, I was even happier ~ ^^it would be good if everyone could go there and make good memories too ^^ compared to shopping, go try out surfing which is good for your health! Surfing~~!”

Credit: youngwoonjungsu | NKSubs | lisa__sk | minhee | raichanxd | eSTARstar
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
Take out with full credits and proper credits! Thank you !


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