131113 Fanaccount of getting Kyuhyun’s autograph + SJ’s Personalities

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Last week, my dad met Super Junior and sat across from them in the plane. He was at Tokyo Narita Airport and hanging in the business lounge until he noticed a member of Super Junior enter the room. Then he saw the rest of the group piling in–and they each took a seat around a table right in from of him. My dad is not the type of person to disrupt celebrities for autographs or pictures. He’s been placed in similar situations like this before–but because I have been a Super Junior fan for years, my dad felt obliged to bring back or show me something.

According to my dad, the members were eating lunch. He remembers there being 7 or 8 of them, so I suspect all of them were eating their meals together. My dad didn’t want to bother all of the members, so he just went up to Kyuhyun (my bias) and said: “You’re Kyuhyun right? My daughter is a huge fan of you. Can I take a picture with you to show her?”

However the manager said sternly: “No. No pictures.”

My dad felt awkward at that point, and then Eunhyuk said apologetically: “I’m sorry, we’re not allowed to take pictures right now.”

However Kangin quickly added: “But we can give you an autograph! Let’s give him an autograph.”

My dad said that Kyuhyun didn’t say anything to him. He described Kyuhyun as timid and more withdrawn. He said that rather him being cold and mean, Kyuhyun actually was just more quiet and didn’t really have a chance to say anything. My dad, who would have been very critical with Kyuhyun’s character, was very understanding and did not find anything rude or cold about Kyuhyun’s actions at all.

My dad went back to his seat and one of the members/managers (my dad doesn’t remember exactly who) came over and asked: “Do you have something we can write on and a pen?”

My dad pulled out his travel notebook and pen and handed it to him. Then shortly later Kangin came over to deliver the notebook and said: “I’m sorry we couldn’t do more for you!”

My dad apologized: “Nono, I’m sorry I disturbed your lunch.”

Kangin told my dad that it wasn’t a problem at all, thanked him and said: “Please have an amazing day!”

Later when my dad boarded his plane back to Seoul, he saw Super Junior come in shortly after and sit in the seats across from him. Directly across from my dad was Kyuhyun. My dad even took a picture of Kyuhyun in the plane for me… but for Kyuhyun’s sake of privacy, I will not post his picture on my public Twitter account.

Kyuhyun’s autograph to me can be found HERE: pic.twitter.com/a6HICjlIeH


When my dad first told me this story, the only member he recognized at this point was Kyuhyun. Just by the way he described the other members’ personalities: I knew immediately they were Eunhyuk and Kangin. My dad confirmed this when I showed him pictures of Super Junior and he said: “Yes! It was these two!”.

I am very impressed with how Super Junior treated my dad. Instead of turning away my dad coldly, they went out of their way to give him an autograph. They apologized profusely for not being able to take a picture, and Kangin truly went out of his way to deliver the autograph and tell my dad to have a great day. This is the Super Junior that was interacting with a man who was most certainly not a fan and away from the public eye. They could have simply said “No” and continued to eat their lunch. Instead, they tried to think of other ways to appease my dad and even apologized to him. It amazes me how kind they were even in a situation like this. This is why I love Super Junior.

I am still so happy and, of course, jealous of my dad, who rode a 2 hour plane flight with nearly all of Super Junior (except Heechul). As I said, my dad could have been critical of Super Junior’s character but instead he talked about how kind they were. When I asked why Kyuhyun didn’t say anything, my dad said that Kyuhyun never really had a chance to speak. He then asked me: “How old is Kyuhyun?”

“He’s the youngest.”

“Ah, then maybe that’s why he didn’t talk much.”

Thank you, Super Junior. Happy 8th Anniversary ♡ I love you all very much.


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