131108 Super Junior bring in a large crowd at the airport and arena for their concert in Mexico City


Super Junior has proven their worldwide fame once again.  Their ‘Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5‘ took place in Mexico City on November 7.

Before the concert, they encountered 2,000 of their fans excitedly waiting for them at the Mexico City International Airport despite the late hours because it was Super Junior’s first time visiting Mexico.  The fans even held fan signs written in Korean for the members.  As there were so many of them, Super Junior were led out through the VIP passage with the help of the airport employees.

When it came time for their first performance in Mexico, 14,000 fans, mostly teenage girls, came out to see them perform twenty dance and ballad songs for two hours.

The boys showed off their charisma through dance and song, took part in comic acting, and did fan service by having skinship with the audience members.  They even alternated wearing the Korean and Mexican national flags on their bodies, moving the hearts of their fans from both countries.

Andrea, who came with her mother to sing along to Super Junior, said, “I was Super Junior fans for seven years . . . They dance and sing well and I like them because they entertain people.

Super Junior members said on stage, “We came to Mexico for the first time and had not known that we had this many fans . . . If we get the chance, we will come here again.

Check out the video posted by the Mexico City Arena YouTube channel showing the large crowd of fans waiting outside to enter for the concert!

Credit: allkpop,alim17
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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One thought on “131108 Super Junior bring in a large crowd at the airport and arena for their concert in Mexico City

  1. SS5 in Mexico was AMAZING!!!
    Though we were over 16,000 people at the Arena and the concert was 3:30hrs long~
    Best concert ever >w< I'm uploading my fancam now!!
    Also, the tickets were sold out in less than 4hrs and fans camped oustide the venue for 2 nights to get a ticket and VIP ticket holders 3 nights before the event xD that's true love! (VIP tickets were sold out in 4mins o_o)

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