131107 Suju’s history-making costume play “How did we prepare?”


“We are SuperJunior!”

Readers of ‘STARCAST’! The weather has grown cold a lot. We, the ‘SuperJunior’, however, are still hot. We are currently on the world tour called ‘Super Show 5’, flying and running across the whole world.

Are we boasting about our flight mileage? No, no, no.

On November 6, 2013, another super-surprising news is waiting for you. Will you congratulate us? It marks the eight anniversary of SUJU’s debut. It feels like we debuted just yesterday. It has already been eight years! We would like to thank our E.L.F for always supporting us for the last eight years. If you are not an ‘E.L.F’, we still thank you, of course.

We should not just pass the eighth anniversary. We thought a lot about how to celebrate our meaningful day in a shocking way. As a result, SUJU’s costume play present came out. We chose 5:00 pm of November 6 on our way out to Mexico for ‘Super Show 5’ as the D-day.

Shin-dong, Ryeo-wook, Dong-hae, Kyu-hyun, Kang In, Eun-hyuk, Si-won, Sung-min, Hee-cheol held a costume play event. The unreleased pictures are right here. We took the pictures with our cell phone camera. Are you ready to laugh now?    


“Storm hat. I know how it works”


▶ Dong-hae: I became Seo Tae-ji. I wore a beanie hat with a bell, 1990-style sunglasses, and a wig. ‘S’ is written on my hat. Isn’t it really detailed? I liked the ski suit. Don’t you think that I could start singing, “You must come back home,” and dancing to the song right away?


“This is the flattering angle”


▶ Shin-dong: This is Shin-dong. I chose ‘Ari’ from Hee-cheol’s favorite game ‘League of Legend’. I became a sexy legendary fox with nine tails. Do the brown lenses, thick eye lines, and tight dress look good on me?


“I cannot see anything”


▶ Hee-cheol: I chose a character from ‘League of Legend’ like Shin-dong. It is Lee Sin. Women are not familiar with it, aren’t they? In fact, I did not leave for Mexico since I did not join the Mexico concert, but I should be here. It had a hard time looking for this costume. Please just remember that.


‘Sublime S body line’


▶ Eun-hyuk: You must have watched the film ‘Leon’. I chose Matilda from the film. All I needed was a jacket, a woman’s underwear, shorts, and walker boots. The key point is a wig. Isn’t is really provocative? With abs, it would have been even better.”


“I am the prettiest one”


▶ Sung-min: Do you enjoy watching ‘Gag Concert’? I am Saguija Seonseng from the segment ‘Boom Entertainment’. I became comedian Kim Jun-ho. I find the segment always funny. I am a big fan of the segment. I wanted to imitate the character. I took a picture with the must-have item cat doll. I look really alike the character. I am the funniest one.


▶ Eun-hyuk & Sung-min: Eun-tilda and ‘Jana’ Sung-min took a picture together. We looked so funny that we could not stop taking pictures of ourselves. Are you having fun, too? We are entertaining E.L.F while we are away from them for the world tour


“What’s wrong? Give me a discount!”


▶ Ryeo-wook: I am a big fan of ‘Gag Concert’, too. I imitated comedian Park Ji-seon from the segment ‘Lobbyist’ I turned into a dowdy housewife. I wore a wig and a flower-patterned outfit. Do I look too ugly? No. This is all for a big smile of ‘E.L.F’. Before going out, I should eat something. Eating always comes first.


▶ Kyu-hyun: I became a gangster from the film ‘Nameless Gangster’. I drew a scar on my face and made a charismatic facial expression. Does this fancy shirt make me look like a rich man? I am thinking about holding a lollipop in my mouth instead of a cigarette! This may be the first time that you see my wildness.

These were our self-taken pictures. Then, shall we start our show time in full swing now? Let’s take a look once  more at how we looked at the airport.


“Charisma!” (Kyu-hyun•Dong-hae)


“Take my fox beads attack!” (Shin-dong)


“Sorry sorry for being too pretty” (Shin-dong)


“Can you move the fox tail away from me?” (Hee-cheol)


“I go back to the military”(Kang-in)


“Costume play? I am the best!” (Sung-min)


“I should show yourself at least this much” (Eun-hyuk)


“I am the Leon” (Si-won)


“I love you” (Ryeo-wook)


“SUJU shook up the whole airport”

☞ You will be said if SJUJ’s diary ends here? That is why we prepared the following section. Check how similar each member is to their character. Characters vs SuperJunior. Who is the most unforgettable member?


They are the best couple of the day. Si-won and Eun-hyuk are the Korean versions of ‘Leon’. Their facial expressions as well as makeup were fantastic. Eun-hyuk posed with a sorrowful face while Si-won became a killer with a chic face.


It looks more real in a big size, doesn’t it?


Shin-dong is second to none when it comes to making himself look funny. She drew explosive laughter with bold makeup and dress. Ari’s voluptuous body is right there. He pretended to be Ari with fox beads hanging from his wrists. Can you see the cocky face?


He tried really hard. Hee-cheol visited the airport only for this costume play event. Moreover, He wrapped clorth around his head covering his eyes in order to imitate the character ‘Lee Sin’. No wonder that he could not see anything. He was embarrassed due to the fox tail of Shin-dong. Another laughing point is there.


He is the member of 100% similarity. Sung-min even has the same visual. Moreover, he kept smiling in front of reporters as ‘Jana Seonseng’. He was good enough to appear on the recording of ‘Boom Entertainment’ right away.


He is the second member of 100% similarity. He is Ryeo-wook. Where is his usual handsome image? His makeup is perfect. He really looks like a housewife. He had subtle vibes reminiscent of ‘Gag Concert’ at the first sight. His makeup was amazing enough to make fans burst into laughter.


He showed a totally different image that day. Kyu-hyun’s twisted charm unlike his usual gentleman image is impressive. Let’s compare him with Ha Jeong-woo from ‘Nameless Gangster’. What do you think?


Finally, it is Dong-hae who showed the best pose. His chic pose drew attention of reporters. He tried not to laugh and repeated the gestures of Seo Tae-ji from ‘Come Back Home’. He looks exactly the same as Seo Tae-ji, doesn’t he?

This was a special present from SuperJunior for the eighth anniversary. SuperJunior and ‘E.L.F’, be together until the ninth anniversary!! 

Written by SuperJunior
Edited by Kim Mi-gyeom (Dispatch)

Source: Naver Starcast
Photograph=SM Entertainment • Dispatch DB • Still pictures of ‘Leon’ and ‘Nameless Gangster’
• ‘League of Legend’ website • screen grabs

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