131106 Super Junior cosplay for 8th anniversary!


As a special way to thank their fans for sticking with them for 8 yearsSuper Junior cosplayed to the airport before heading off for their world tour!

As seen in the photos below, the members dressed up as League of Legend characters, Leon and Mathilda from ‘The Professional‘, Seo Taiji, and more.

In related news, Super Junior will be holding a concert in Mexico City, Mexico on November 7 and London, England on the 9th for the ‘Super Show 5‘ world tour.

Can you tell who everyone dressed up as? And who did your favorite cosplay?

Super-Junior_1383739596_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_air Super-Junior_1383739596_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_air1 Super-Junior_1383739597_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_air2Super-Junior_1383739599_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_air4 Super-Junior_1383739600_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_air5 Super-Junior_1383739601_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_air6Super-Junior_1383739602_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_air7 Super-Junior_1383739603_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_air8 Super-Junior_1383739604_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_air9Super-Junior_1383739604_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_fb1Super-Junior_1383739605_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_fb2 Super-Junior_1383739605_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_fb3 Super-Junior_1383739606_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_fb4 Super-Junior_1383739607_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_fb5 Super-Junior_1383739607_20131105_superjunior_cosplay_fb6

Credit: allkpop, elliefilet
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
Take out with full credits and proper credits! Thank you !

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