131105 Sulli gets a perm with Heechul and Kangin


Super Junior‘s Heechul recently posted a photo of himself with f(x)‘s Sulli onto his Instagram, but it was not the usual, conventional selca. Instead, Sulli took a photo with Heechul in the background along with his fellow member Kangin.

Heechul wrote, “Sulli looks good even though it’s ten minutes before her perm is complete in the hair salon. And Kangin looks handsome as usual. But why did I come out looking like a little squid? Kekeke. Ah, look at me straining to be included in the picture. I am like a squid. That’s why I’m going to sell ZZINPANG,” referring to his original ZZINPANG cartoon.  

In the picture, Heechul is stretching his neck to sneak his head in, while Kangin looks more cool in the background, just casually staring into the camera.

Credit: allkpop,alim17
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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