131028 Super Junior-M’s Henry’s movie ‘Final Recipe’ invited to the Sao Paolo International Film Festival


Super Junior-M‘s Henry‘s movie has been invited to the 37th Sao Paolo International Film Festival!

It’s not the first time it’s been invited overseas. It was at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in September and at the Hawaii International Film Festival earlier this month. At the Sao Paolo International Film Festival, it will be airing at the panorama section

The Sao Paolo International Film Festival is the biggest film festival in Brazil. Because ‘Final Recipe‘ was so praised at the San Sebastian International Film Festival, the SPIFF sent a love call to the movie right away. 

Mauricio Kinoshita, the programmer of the SPIFF, said, “‘Final Recipe’ handles the concept of family and cooking, which is a concept loved all over the country. We invited it to the representative panorama section of the film festival instead of the Korean movie special section because it handled the concepts in harmony. It’ll come to attention once again during the festival.

It was also revealed that Henry himself composed and sang the ending OST, and Tiffany featured in the song. The movie will be released in 2014 in Korea!

Credit: allkpop,jennywill
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