131020 YonHap News Interview with Heechul

Restarting activities by broadcast, webtoon, and other methods after being released from army… “To join ‘Super Show’ this month”

“I don’t want to erase my unique color. I think I will be able to do activities better than before. Haha.”

Super Junior’s Kim Heechul(30), who returned on August 2nd after serving in the army, still showed off his witty talking skills.

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Before enlisting, he did many activities on dramas, variety shows, and other medias. After the release from army, he received many love calls from producers, but he chose a cable channel’s talk show instead of national channels’ shows.

We recently met up with him in SM Entertainment office.

“My mood still does change very quickly, but in past, my personality was dark, like a ‘fang’. But (in army) I went back and forth from work by subway, met many non-celebrities, and met people that I’ve been friends with for 18 years. I felt that I have been living too heartlessly.”

He said ‘I want to be released from army quietly’, and did leave SungDong district office without any words for the press. But his smile was brighter than anyone’s and became a hot topic.

He said “First and last 3 months were the hardest. In first 3 months, it was the time of ‘Mental Breakdown’, and the time in last 3 months went by really slowly.” and added “As release date came closer and closer, I worried more and more about ‘What if I mature..’ Till then, I received love for ‘Kim Heechul’ ‘s unique color, not for being an intelligent or mature man.”

“The award certificate I received on the day of release was the first award I received outside celebrity activities. So I wanted to show it off as soon as I walked out the door.”

Fitting his nickname, ‘Universe Big Star’, he is in the front of Hallyu Wave. The sudden change of environments must have been enough to feel ‘mental breakdown’.

“I bragged beforehand that I would be able to live with just the pay (received from working/serving army as public service), but soon after, I had to receive help from my family. (Laugh) After that, I started saving money, and even wore same clothes for a week. I learned how to live life more enjoyably.”

But he said the core ‘Kim Heechul’ has not changed. He is, once again, showing off his charms on the show he is now appearing on.

“In past, I received lots of curses because of my personality. I, of course, have to do my best in activities, but I don’t want to be forced to change my normal self, nor my personality.”

We are most curious about why he chose cable show instead of a national broadcast channel’s show. Working with Kim Gura and Kang YongSuk, and talking about issues, can become a ‘poison’ for an idol.

His statements about SM Entertainment did become hot issue.

“The fact that they sent a ‘love call’ to me means they value me. I haven’t shown any ‘intellectual side’ on shows before, So I wanted to try an adventure.”

He said “Even Kim Gura worried and said I may lose more than I gain from this show. Hearing that made me want to try this show more.”

“When I go in the recording, manager writes down everything I say. Worrying about what I will say. But I don’t make up anything. It’s facts that everyone knows. The company should have been prepared when they decided to let me go on the show.”

Kim Heechul is practicing, aiming to join Super Junior’s concert ‘Super Show’ this month. It is true that before enlistment, his activities showed more in variety shows and acting, than in music. What are his thoughts about music activities now?

“In Super Junior’s 1st album, I had many parts. But if I were to have many parts, that means the other members, who can sing very well, cannot show as much. It is hard to show greed for music when doing Super Junior songs because we have members that can sing really well, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung.”

He continued “I do have interest in personal music. I want to try rock band. Trax’s Jungmo is in training camp, and he was the one who composed the song, and I wrote the lyrics.”

Kim Heechul recently started a new adventure.

He is currently working on a webtoon ‘The Zzinpang Family’ with a famous artist, known for ‘NoByungGah’ and ‘Fashion King’, 기안84.

“I heard that the reason celebrities fail when doing businesses is because they are overconfident. It is hard to take care of your business while doing celebrity activities, but they think ‘oh I can do it’, and that is why their business does not turn out well. I did not want my business to come before my celebrity activities so I am working on this one (webtoon) with SM Entertainment.”

When we asked if it is possible to keep the deadlines between his busy activities, we received a witty response. “We have it all planned beforehand so that 기안84 won’t be late, nor can Kim Heechul’s sudden mood swing suddenly end the webtoon.”
(T/N: 기안84 is known well to be bad at keeping deadlines ><)

“At first, I wanted to do resume activities right after being released from army. I have been away for 2 years, so I wanted to return quickly. But Lee Soo Man teacher said ‘There is nothing stopping you now. Don’t hurry so much, go slowly.’ I may seem be too relaxed right now, but I want to start warming up first.”


Source; YonHap News Translated by; Youngwoonjungsu @ sj-empire.com

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