131009 Super Junior’s Heechul to be featured as an artist at the Nouveautés Gallery exhibition


Super Junior‘s Heechul will be featured as an artist at the Nouveautés Gallery exhibition!

Heechul will showcase his artwork for the first time at the Nouveautés Gallery exhibition from October 11-28. The Nouveautes Gallery is a cultural space located in Seongbukdong, Seoul run by designer Lee Kyung Soon. Heechul will participate as an artist alongside singer Cho Young Nam and actor Ryu Ah Jin.


A representative commented, “With the inclusion of Heechul’s artwork, we expect the women of Seongbokgu to show the most support for this exhibition and its sales.”


Heechul also participated as a writer for the webtoon series ‘The ZZINPANG Family‘, based on his own character design ‘ZZINPANG‘, which you can check out here!

Credit: allkpop, starsung
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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