131003 SBS Power FM ‘Park So Hyun’s Love Game with Heechul (Transcript)

Heenim said he wanted to sing live but the engineer is not working today, so there’s no one to do the setup so he cant sing live.

DJ: I wanted to do double DJ with you. But there are too many messages about you. So you will read the questions and answer them all by yourself.
Heenim: Okay, so please go out now.

Heenim: I’m practising now but I’ve still not confirmed when I’ll be joining the concert.

Heenim: If I’ve gotten married 7 years ago, I will be able to join appa where are we going now. It’s such a pity.

DJ: Out of my guests in 2013, I think EXO is the best in looks and Kim Heechul sshi is 2nd. Heenim: I’m 2nd? Ah, bad mood.

Heenim: I’ve never caused any accidents in broadcasts. Not even once. Even when I accidentally make a mistake, the directors will ask who is it? If the other staff said it’s Heechul, the directors will say, it’s okay, just let it pass. I’m someone with a good brain. I won’t cause accidents.

Q: I’ve ever met a girlfriend prettier than me. Heenim: No. I’ve almost never felt that there’s a girl prettier than me.

DJ: Is Sulli doing well now? Heenim: She’s doing well! I’ve received that question a hundred times already.

Heenim: I really hate it when my face gets cut off in picture. Ah, is the person who made it (Instagram) listening now? Is he a foreigner? I should speak in English then?

Heenim: Actually, our members’ contract doesn’t have much time left. But we already said that if one stays, all will stay. If one leaves, all will leave.

Q: Have you seen any male artiste prettier than you?
Heenim: Sungmin and Jaejoong.

When Heenim said he thinks that Sungmin is prettier than him, DJ said “Sungmin sshi? I thought you will say Kyuhyun sshi.”
Heenim: Eh? Are you sure? Are you sure that you know all our members’ names? Did you mix them up?

Heenim: When I was in army, we had to gather in the morning. There’s once when I was there, someone came to say hi to me. I thought he’s a fan so I just said hi. The guy asked “Hyung, do you not remember me?
Before you debut, I was near your dorm with my friends and when Hankyung walked past, we scolded him in Chinese then you came with other members to scold us.” At that time, I suddenly remembered what I did in the past. So I said “sorry, I was young at that time”.

Heenim: I don’t listen to my parents well in middle school. Along with Gunhee, we ride bikes and smoke

Heenim: I went for dance practice recently and it’s so tiring. I felt like dying.

Heenim: I went for a program meeting once recently. So we might be able to meet there.

Credit: heequeenTing
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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