[Fan-account Compilations] 130927 Japan-Elf Fan-meet (Session 2)

They entered from 4 directions, in couple – Kyuhyun,Donghae + Eunhyuk,Sungmin + Kangin,Siwon + Shindong,Ryeowook.
And they will introduce Heechul later.

When Heechul appear, he jumped to Kangin’s arm, so Donghae jumped to Eunhyuk’s instead!!

Asking again like at the 1 session XD
Eunhyuk: who is my wife?
Eunhyuk: what? Who is my wife (again lol)
Donghae: ME!!!
Eunhyuk: my wife is you guys

Siwon showed his ELF-J card and told us he is also ELF haha and then Shindong wore the hoodie and pretended to be ELF too ^^

Donghae’s pick-up lines:your face, eye, nose, ear are pretty. How much is your heart?
I want to buy your heart. The same as 1st session lol

Heechul said he is our cat and he did the cat move and he said Neko Neko xD
Then when Kyuhyun was introducing, Heechul came behind Kyuhyun and did the cat move so both of them did the cat move together xD

When Eunhyuk was doing his introduction he said to the fans to hear him clearly. Then Donghae quickly did a “mua” (kiss sound) into the mic. Eunhyuk then lift up his head signaling that it wasn’t him who did that and then he pointed at Donghae.
Then donghae lift up his hands to signal that it wasn’t him XD
So Eunhyuk, said it again and Donghae did the “mua” sound again. And someone even did the fart sound.
And so in the end, Eunhyuk said to the fans once again (third time) to ask fans to hear him clearly and then he said I love you all.

Picking Teams~
Red team and blue team, so Donghae said DBSK and sang a line of DBSK’s song.

Red team captain was Kangin and Blue team captain was Eunhyuk, all the member chose Kangin!!!!! LOL!
But, actually Donghae was behind eunhyuk and he back-hugged him > <

In the end, Kangin kicked Siwon, Heechul, Donghae to Eunhyuk’s team ^^
After Donghae was kicked, he ran to hug Eunhyuk lol

A Team (Red): Kangin, Kyuhyun, Sungmin, Shindong, Ryeowook and B Team (Blue): Eunhyuk, Siwon, Heechul, Donghae

At one part, Heechul chanted Eeteuk so that fans could follow him, then Kangin immediately chanted Yesung!! =D

Kyuhyun was picked as Team A’s 1st play so Shindong asked fans to chant Kyuhyun!
Then Kangin chanted GaemKyu instead xD

Drum Game 1st match – Kyuhyun VS Siwon
1st match Kyu won!!!! So he ran and jumped around the stage lol

2nd Match – Shindong, Sungmin vs Eunhyuk, Donghae
After Siwon introduced EunHae they started dancing I wanna dance.
Donghae sang the line of Oppa oppa and said oppa ichiban lol
2nd match Shindong, Sungmin won.
So ~ Team A won drum game.
Kyuhyun went to hi5 with Sungmin!!!!

Course game
Ryeowook will choose the opponent for the game.
He said that the 1st one will be the most handsome member.
So Ryeowook chose Eunhyuk!!! Eunhyuk was so shocked and embarrassed because he didn’t believe Ryeowook would chose him lol
Ryeowook chose the next person and said that this person is shorter than him.
So the boys said there are no one except Donghae.
Then Ryeowook chose Siwon HAHA!
Ryeowook chose the last one and said this person has never been in love, he chose Heechul XD

Shindong vs Eunhyuk + Kangin vs Siwon + Sungmin vs Heechul + Kyuhyun vs Donghae

(unlike the 1 session) Kyuhyun did great this time and team A won!

Recording Teddy Bear for fans ~
Kyuhyun told the teddy bear in secret (So only the one who gets this bear knows what Kyu told that bear)
Ryeowook recorded his line in Promise You for the bear.
Sungmin told the bear ‘Hello! today I will be your support!’

Celebrating Shindong’s birthday with a cake!
As soon as shindong finished blowing the candles, siwon pushed his face into the cake lol
Playing with the cake, members made a mess. Eunhyuk then help to clean the floor XD

Ending(?) – Members came out, all wearing the ELF-Japan hoodie!!!
Kyuhyun said sorry to fans, because it’s his fault that Ryeowook’s eyes got worse since he told Ryeowook to drink wine.
(In case you are wondering, Ryeowook got an eye stye)

Kyuhyun’s cheesy pick-up line: ‘Dream about oppa today.’
Heechul: Since yesterday, as soon as I step on the stage I feel like stepping in the sky.
And it’s all thanks to you (fans), I love you. Then he bow ❤

Shindong: Since yesterday, I have won 4 times (all the games). Thank you.
Then Eunhyuk say: All thanks to donghae, He kept losing. Donghae then purse up his lips and smile ^^

Donghae’s ending speech: I have lost all the 4 games I played for these 2 days. So i feel regretful that can’t record my voice in the teddy bear. Actually, I have already prepared what I want to say as I’ve thought of recording it. (Only the team who win can record their voices in the teddy bear for the fans, as a gift).
Then poor little Donghae said that he should say it now (ending speech) instead. Then Eunhyuk was beside, making the sounds that a tape recorder make. After Eunhyuk made a “Beep” sound, Donghae started to say .. “How much is you lips, I am gona buy it” ❤

*Please take note, these may not be in sequence

Credit: raichanxd | 亲亲赫宰_HelloEunHaeOppa | 花花镜子kaeru
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
Take out with full credits and proper credits! Thank you !


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