130926 Heechul discusses the perks and problems associated with ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’


On JTBC‘s ‘Ssul Jeon‘, Heechul revealed the inside scoop he had on the popular idol special held a few times a year, the ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship‘.

As many of you are already aware, this event takes all day to film, sometimes even over 24 hours. In addition to the long filming time, many of the idols also take time to specially prepare for the event on top of the workload they already have, which leads to the question, just why do so many idols go through with participating in the event?

Heechul revealed, “If they don’t go on the show, the broadcast station may turn their back on the idols. There’s a chance that if the idols reject the offer to appear, they may suffer disadvantages… There is nothing good that will come out from being on bad terms with a broadcast station.” He also added that even if idols participate, “There’s also the problem of being edited out of the show due to injuries.

However, if all goes well, the show can prove to be beneficial as it increases the popularity and recognition of certain idols. Heechul commented, “Idols who are athletic like ZE:A‘s Dongjun or SISTAR‘s Bora have definitely seen the light with this program.” He however added, “But there aren’t many people like that.

When Heechul commented that Super Junior does not participate in the championships nowadays, Kim Gu Ra joked, “It’s because now they want EXO more than Super Junior,” bringing laughs on set.

Credit: allkpop,  serendipity
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