[WORLDWIDEELFS EXCLUSIVE] 130601 Super Show 5 in Jakarta [13P]

Photos taken by @yongjie and @mylutvia
Posted by sapphir3bluu (https://worldwideelfs.com/)

Do not cut out the logo. Take out with full credits to “worldwideelfs.com” and do not use/modify for commercial use. You may credit as “worldwideelfs” only on twitter. Much appreciated. Thank you.

20130601_204737(0) copy_cr

20130601_202309 copy_cr 20130601_202330 copy_cr 20130601_203427(1) copy_cr 20130601_203531(0) copy_cr
20130601_212652 copy_cr 20130601_212659 copy_cr 357732234084 copy_cr 357732602056 copy_cr 357735242547 copy_cr 357735661503 copy_cr DSC_0047 copy_cr DSC_0059 copy_cr


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