130828 Heechul already flooded with lovecalls from dramas and variety shows as discharge date approaches


Now that Super Junior‘s Heechul‘s discharge date is just around the corner, the entertainment industry is at a mad scramble to recruit him!

He will be discharged from the army on August 30. His label said, “Currently, Heechul is getting a lot of requests from variety shows and dramas. After he’s discharged, he’ll be looking over everything carefully and decide on what he’ll be in. However, there’s nothing confirmed for now.

They added, “After he’s released, he’s going to practice as much as possible. When he’s ready, he’ll join the rest of the members for Super Junior’s current world tour. But we cannot say for certain when that will be.

Heechul will also be discharged quietly, without an official meeting with fans or the media because he feels that he just fulfilled his obligation as a Korean male, and that there shouldn’t be any fanfare. 

Credit: allkpop,jennywill
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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