130807 Super Junior to Release Travel Book of Korea

Super Junior will be acting as tour guides with its new travel book Super Junior′s Experience Korea, to be released on August 16.

The book contains stories and photos of the Super Junior members, who traveled through Korea for about a year. It is expected to draw attention not only from fans in Korea but also fans from overseas as an extensive travel book.


The members split into pairs, and each pair covered each of the four directions. Siwon and Donghae left for the north, Gangwon-do, Kyuhyun and Yesung traveled to the east, Gyeongsang-do, Shindong and Eunhyuk went to the west, Chungcheong-do and Jeolla-do, Leeteuk and Ryeowook flew to the south, Jeju, and Kangin and Sungmin took over Seoul and Gyeonggi-do.

Each area′s attractions are categorized into the themes ′Tasting′, ′Feeling′, ′Making′ and ′Enjoying′ for an easy read.

The book also actually comes in not one, but two installments. Donghae will talk about the dish of greens he likes, Shindong about home-brewed liquor, Kangin about his self-made strawberry tarts, Leeteuk about guesthouses, Yesung about temple stay experiences, Siwon about ′zip-wires′, Ryeowook about the Gimnyeong Maze Park he got lost in, Eunhyuk about Dawn Redwood Street, Kyuhyun about his luxury yacht, Sungmin about handdrip coffee and all the members about their camping experience together.

It will also include an app for augmented reality, which will play videos on smartphones that touch the pictures in the book.

In the meantime, Super Junior will next hold its Super Show 5 tour in Taiwan from August 10-12.

Credit:  CJ E&M enewsWorld Jeon Su Mi
Translation Credit : Erika Kim
Photo credit: SM Entertainment
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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