130718 Super Junior’s Kyuhyun Only has Eyes for Song Hye Kyo

With the current trend of male stars dating older ladies, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun made a sudden confession to actress Song Hye Kyo.


On July 17’s broadcast of MBC’s Radio Star, the MC panel discussed the older woman-young man coupling taking the entertainment industry by storm recently.

They particularly talked about Han Hye Jin and Ki Sung Yueng, who have a 8-year difference between them.


Speaking on the topic, Kyuhyun remarked, “I heard that when Ki Sung Yueng saw Han Hye Jin, he called her ‘Hye Jin’ almost immediately.”

Noting that Ki Sung Yueng got his lady by dropping honorifics, Kyuhyun asked, “Will it work if I do that?”

Then he turned to the camera to address his ideal lady and said, “Nuna, you are Hye Kyo. You′re the only one I see in my eyes!”

Credit:  CJ E&M enewsWorld Grace Danbi Hong
Photo Credit: MBC, SM Entertainment, Elle
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
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