[FULL ARTICLE TRANS] 130707 SJ-M Henry Guests on URadio: I Recorded Trap 22 Times

SJ-M Henry

Phoenix TV Entertainment News – Super Junior-M member Henry came to Hong Kong recently to perform at the Hong Kong Dome Festival and he had interviews with Phoenix TV’s U Radio, Benfan.com hosted by Benson and “Total Music” hosted by Lei Jian Tao (TaoTao). The first impression was that Henry had an aura of an energetic and bubbly prince. Henry has just released a 6 track solo album including the title song “Trap”. During the course of the interview, Henry was effortlessly switching between speaking in Cantonese and Mandarin. At the end of the interview, Henry didn’t forget to use his most charming voice to tell the listeners in Cantonese that “I will miss you guys. Do not forget me.”

Henry is grateful to the fans at his appearance at the Hong Kong Dome Festival

Apart from coming to Hong Kong to promote his new album, Henry also performed at the Hong Kong Dome Festival. Henry quipped, “When I was performing, it didn’t rain. However, the moment I got of the stage, it started raining. I thought I was very lucky.” Speaking about the passionate fans, Henry said, “Actually, this is the first time I’m performing solo so I was little nervous. I thought that there wouldn’t be many people who would come to see me but when I saw the huge crowd, I felt very grateful to everyone. When I saw so many people, I couldn’t do anything but smile. I was really happy. I even spoke in Cantonese when I was on stage though I haven’t spoken in Cantonese for a very long time. I was that grateful.”

Many are curious as to how Henry can speak so many languages. He explained, “I was born in Canada and I spoke in English all the time. My dad is from Hong Kong so he speaks to me in Cantonese. My mum is Taiwanese so she speaks to me in Mandarin but I always reply to them in English. I actually only learnt Mandarin after I debuted.”

Recording “Trap” 22 times

Henry’s solo album contains 6 tracks including the title song “Trap”. Henry explains, “There are 6 songs in the album but I actually wrote about 20+ songs but chose these 6 in the end. The other songs can be saved for later or if any other artists wants to sing it, I can give it to them.”

There were a few songs on the album that was the result of the collaboration between Henry and his production team, Noize Bank. Henry says, “They are my best friends and I will definitely work with them in the future for many other songs.” About the production of the album, Henry shares, “(I) discussed with Noize Bank that if we were to pick only 6 songs, there needs to be a ballad, a fast-tempo song and one that everyone can sing along to. That’s why we took so much time because we wanted variety and if we wanted to name the biggest challenge, that was it. Also, my Korean pronunciation is not very good so I actually recorded “Trap” 22 times because I wanted to make sure I was understandable to Koreans.”

When asked what does it take for one to join the Noize Bank team, Henry says, “The character and personality of the person is the most important.” He explains further: “My first criteria is the character and personality of the person; it is the most important. Even if the person can play the piano very well but we cannot get along, it is pointless. So that’s the first thing that I look out for; second criteria is the music; third criteria is to have  similar ideals and goals. Still, the character and personality are the most important.”

Goal to make music for everyone

About goals, Henry says, “I have many personal goals and many things I want to do. Currently, I want to make my music for everyone. For example, when you are driving or having a meal and listening to my music, I will be very happy. That’s my goal.”

Apart from striving with his music, Henry is also gaining ground in movies. He said, “I recently filmed a movie with Michelle Yeoh but it hasn’t been released yet. I have never thought of being an actor but after filming the movie, I would love to do another movie if an opportunity comes along. If any director/producer is interested, please call me.”

Source: ifeng
Translation by jovenatheart (https://worldwideelfs.com/)


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