130707 Concert review: Super Junior bring back the joy of older hits

Super Junior performed to a crowd of over 7,000 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. (Running Into The Sun)

Super Junior performed to a crowd of over 7,000 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. (Running Into The Sun)

Super Junior performed to a full house crowd of more than 7,000 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday, their third solo concert in Singapore.

But unlike previous concerts, the K-pop boy band took on a more active role in the conceptualisation and the planning of the concert, surprising many fans with their song selection.

Instead of promoting more songs from their latest album Sexy, Free & Single, they injected a sense of nostalgia by choosing older songs that had not been sung in the last two concerts, such as It’s You, a single from the repackaged version of their hugely famous album Sorry, Sorry, and Marry U, a ballad from their second album Don’t Don, which is also a fan favourite because of its touching lyrics which fans sang along to wholeheartedly as they held banners supporting their idols.

Phua Li ling, a 19-year-old student, said she enjoyed watching Super Junior perform these songs, rather than the more common ones. She added that they “showed a lot of new things from previous Super Shows”, such as dancing sexily with female dancers to another old song, Club No. 1.

Energetic and professional

Being known for their sense of humour and not afraid to embarrass themselves, Super Junior stayed true to their reputation.

Siwon, who is known for his good looks, surprised fans by dressing up as K-pop female star Son Dambi, performing her hit Saturday Night.

Meanwhile, Ryeowook, a huge fan of former K-pop female group S.E.S’s Bada, transformed into his idol, with a perfect rendition of the group’s hit Loving You.

Kangin and Sungmin both showed their feminine sexy sides by performing to Gain’s Bloom and Hyuna’s Ice Cream.

The four of them ended their cross-dressing performances with Sistar’s Alone, struggling to dance and stand in their high heels, drawing chuckles from fans.

Super Junior, as well as Super Junior-M, dressed up as superheroes and performed to one of their early upbeat tracks Wonder Boy.

Particularly funny were Shindong dressing up as the Hulk and Eunhyuk as Wolverine.

Yesung, who is currently doing his national service, also appeared in the VCR as Nick Fury from “The Avengers”, drawing loud cheers from fans as they finally got to catch a glimpse of him.

Super Junior also demonstrated how they are seasoned performers with their energetic performances, frequently running around the extended stage and interacting with fans.

They also impressed with their dancing, with fans screaming their lungs out as they performed to their biggest hit Sorry, Sorry.

Super Junior danced to one of their hits, Super Girl. (Running Into The Sun)

Super Junior danced to one of their hits, Super Girl. (Running Into The Sun)

However, the singing was shaky at parts, which could be due to the absence of Yesung, one of the lead vocalists in Super Junior.

Still powerhouses Ryeowook and Kyuhyun impressed with their effortless high notes.

Donghae, one of the lead dancers, did not appear in the dance performance and the dance break in the new Super Junior-M single Break Down.

Super Junior members later explained that he was injured from playing football recently.

But Donghae was still professional and gave his all for the concert, apologising repeatedly for not being able to give his best.

At the end of the concert, when Super Junior did their signature 90-degree bow to thank fans, he remained in the bowing position for really long until his members dragged him up.

The originally 13-member band was down to 8 members, with one having left the band, another on hiatus and leader Leeteuk, Heechul and Yesung in national service.

But fans were delighted to see Kangin, who was released from military service last year, in his first Super Show in Singapore, cheering especially loudly for him when he introduced himself.

Even though he was in Singapore for SMTown Live World Tour last year, he appeared more at ease on the stage this time round and even stepped up to take over many parts of missing members, such as Leeteuk and Heechul’s parts in Bonamana.

Fan service

Known for loving their fans called Everlasting Friends (ELF), Super Junior gave a fair share of fan service that attracted squeals and screams from fans.

Donghae and Sungmin did the gwiyomi and Sungmin, who is known for his perky butt, even teased his fans with it.

There was also teasing by Siwon and Kyuhyun who tried to kiss with a piece of paper between them.

Eunhyuk, the sexy member, stripped and showed off his abs during Rockstar.

Poor organisation

While fans generally enjoyed the concert, some say that the organisers could have done a better job.

Nur Diana, a 19-year-old student, said she was disappointed with the stage layout as there were no side stages.

Siti Nur Hidayah, also a 19-year-old student, agreed, adding that it was a disadvantage for fans who bought the VIP seats as their tickets were “way more expensive at S$288”.

Diana also commented on the increase in ticket prices, adding that she had to work part time to save up to buy the ticket.

She said if Super Show 6 is too expensive, she will have to “consider” especially if it’s above S$300.

Siti also said she was disappointed with the last minute changes the organisers made, including the cancellation of Day 2 which led to she and her friends having to “fight for tickets” and change plans in order to go for Day 1.

She added that the addition of two hundred more mosh pit tickets caused the mosh pit to be “so crowded”.

But still, she said it’s worth it to be able to watch Super Junior in Singapore.

Super Junior too commented on the issue of the two-day concert being reduced to a one-day concert.

They said they were upset to leave so quickly and asked fans whether they should have a smaller-scale concert next time, which fans protested to.

But Super Junior immediately lightened the mood by joking how they should just perform one verse of each song for Super Show 6.

Organisers, however, have not explained why Day 2 was cancelled.

Editor Melissa Pang, 25, said she was upset with some management issues, including not having a stamping booth for the SMTown passport, a booklet for fans of SMTown artistes to collects stamps whenever they attend a concert, and the increased ticket prices.

But she said it didn’t deter her from going for Super Show 5 as “even though some of them (Super Junior members) are in the army, I wanted to show that we’re (ELF) still supporting Super Junior.”

Super Junior fans (ELF) created a sapphire blue sea with their lightsticks to support Super Junior. (Running Into The Sun)

Super Junior fans (ELF) created a sapphire blue sea with their lightsticks to support Super Junior. (Running Into the Sun).

Pang added that one of the improvements the organisers made was that they had people queuing for mosh pits shifted to a sheltered area, unlike during SMTown when they were left queuing outdoors.

What’s next?

It will be a while till ELF in Singapore get to see Super Junior again, but the boy band announced some new projects during their concert that fans can look forward to.

They will be releasing their debut Japanese studio album, Hero, on 24 July.

Check out the teaser for the music video for the title track:

Super Junior-M member Zhoumi also said he might be coming to Singapore to promote his new book,Thai Perfect, soon.

It is a travel scrapbook compiled and written by him, containing 60% pictures of himself, 30% pictures of clothes and food and scenery, and 10% text.

Source: Yahoo! SG


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