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Why did you decide to take the role in Hedgehog & Panda?
First, I really love eating and cakes. I am happy to participate in a drama with such contents.My role in the drama is a talented patisserie and the personality is close to mine. I would like to challenge it so I participated.

What kind of role is Mr Hedgehog?
Mr Hedgehog keeps his sadness within himself and he gets hurt easily.
His personality is very similar to mine, so I want to try this role. I thought it will be good if I can do this role well.
The way he walks, talks, laughs, cries and angers were written very closely to my character. Even though acting is very difficult, I think it is meaningful that I am doing the role of Mr Hedgehog, I love the role. I like his personality.
It is cute and because he doesn’t talk well, he has difficulties expressing himself. It is a good character.

When you first read the script, what was your impression and worries?
It was fine when I first read the script but I felt a little worried. Am I able to digest the role well? I felt stressed because it was my first time acting a lead role. Many sunbaes took part in this drama, as the main lead, I felt that I must do a good job. Even though it’s a drama that I want to do very much, I felt pressured when I read the script. I was very worried but I received a lot of help from people around me. Really thankful.

You acted well with Yoon Seung Ah, was it the first time working with her?
Yes, it was the first time working with her and she took good care of me. I felt relaxed, I am her dongsaeng. Soon Ah has more experience in acting, she taught me many things, like an elder sister, a close friend. Seung Ah is very thoughtful and cute, sometimes she is like my dongsaeng, she took great care of me.

Which scene do you have a deep impression of?
In the first ep, the scene where Seung Ah fell from the stool and I had to catch her. When watching it on TV, it looks beautiful but it was really difficult during shooting. Soon Ah thought it was scary and didn’t know what to do.
I remember we had this problem.

Choi Jin Hyuk and Yoo So Young are of the same age, how was the atmosphere at the shooting?
I can become friends with anyone. I may feel awkward with people during the first meeting but I will take the initiative to greet them because I want to become closer to them sooner. Not like acquaintances who just say bye after shooting. We can become closer by greetings and it will be better for the shooting isn’t it? If we don’t do that, we won’t be able to understand each other during the shoot. The actors, the crew, Seung Ah, So Young… there are many who become closer. It was incredible that I became close to Yang Hee Kyung on the first meeting. Really thankful to everyone, the atmosphere during shooting was good. Everyone was like friends. There were people whom I worked with before and friends like So Young. The atmosphere during the shoot is not inferior to other shooting teams.

Being an actor must have different enjoyment as being a singer, which one makes you happier?
Like I mentioned, acting is very difficult…. but I have been wanting to be an actor since high school. Acting is difficult and stressful, and gives me headaches but I am still very thankful to perform this role. If I go for shooting 5 days a week, I will do other stuff on the other 2 days, practice for the concerts. Actually I have shootings 4 to 5 days a week then I will leave for concerts on Fridays, my life is still continuing like this. I receive many new pleasures from acting and I am happy too when I spend time with the fans during concerts. So I am thankful to be able to do both. I will work even harder from now on, bringing new productions and songs for my fans as gratitude.

What kinds of encouragement did SJ members give you?
Members always say things like ‘What time is your shooting tomorrow? You are back so late today’. I always reply with ‘I am so tired’. Members will say ‘Really? But you still have to go tomorrow’. Even though the members joke a lot, they gave me a lot of suggestions. Members without acting experience will encourage me by saying ‘Fighting for your drama shoot’.

What kind of style is the OST?
I took part in 2 OST for this drama. I was thinking about what presents I can give to fans during the shoot. I felt that I am still lacking after the shoot so I sang in the OST as a gift to fans. I have composed 2 songs for the OST. One song has a sad feeling and the other song has a cute style. Both songs appear in the drama.

What can we look forward to in the drama? And tell us the charm of it.
You can see beautiful cakes and the love relationship between Seung Ah and me, very romantic, an awesome relationship. I think this has the most charm.

Please say something to the Japanese fans waiting for the drama.
Hi everyone, I am Donghae, Mr Hedgehog from Panda & Hedgehog. Panda & Hedgehog will be seeing everyone soon, please watch well. We have a promise here, please watch happily

Picture Credit: HaSeol_雪晴
Translation Credit: witheunhae | Luv_Opera
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