130621 Choi Siwon: I miss Super Junior when traveling alone

The Hallyu hunk shares how he keeps in touch with loved ones in the midst of an insanely busy schedule


Choi Siwon, member of K-pop kings Super Junior, has certainly been a busy bee (so busy, in fact, that he admitted he hasn’t even had time to look at his own closet). In the past three months alone, he’s been to a dozen different cities for a variety of activities, from concerts to fashion show appearances.

With such a packed and seemingly nonstop schedule that takes him around the globe, how does he keep in touch with his loved ones?

As the ambassador for LINE, it’s no surprise that the heartthrob uses the free instant messaging application to communicate with his friends and family. In an e-mail interview with xinmsn, Siwon shared that he first learned of LINE when one of his buddies showed him a cute “sticker”, a cartoon graphic used to depict emotions or moods in the chat app.

“I’m a huge fan of the LINE stickers,” he said, citing Brown, a chubby bear, as his favourite character. “In my recent TV commercial, Brown was my representing sticker, which is probably the reason I feel a special attachment to it.” He has also begun to develop a fondness towards James, a vain blonde-haired man. “Some of my friends have told me that he resembles me!” he laughed.

A self-proclaimed fervent user, Siwon proudly declared he has successfully “spread the LINE boom” among his Super Junior frat. “I always miss the members when I’m traveling alone,” he said. “Whenever we are apart, we stay in touch via LINE Messenger.”


LINE users can look forward to a Super Junior live chat session soon, according to Siwon. “When the ‘On-Air’ light is turned on in our official account, we can actually talk to our fans directly,” he explained. “I think that’s the best part! I’m definitely looking forward to having more interactive conversations with our Singapore fans.”

Does Siwon consider himself a fashionista?

Siwon will also have plenty of chances to hang out with his beloved ELFs here when Super Show 5 hits our shores early next month. So what can we expect from the boys? “You’ll find out at the concert!” Siwon teased. “But rest assured that we are all putting every ounce of our energy into preparing for it.”

In addition to the highly anticipated gig happening on July 6, the modelesque multi-hyphenate recently graced our sunny little island in May for Chanel’s Cruise presentation. “I had a great time there and I think it will be one of my most unforgettable experiences,” he raved. Sitting front row at a major fashion player’s show and rubbing shoulders with other A-list attendees, including Chanel’s head designer Karl Lagerfeld and Hollywood actress Dakota Fanning, definitely sounds memorable to us.


When asked if he considers himself a “fashionista”, Siwon said that he does have an interest in fashion, and tends to pay attention to the latest trends and what others are wearing. However, he doesn’t seem keen in venturing into design himself. “I’d love to gain more experience in other areas, but for now, I’m focusing on my singing and acting career.”

Something else we think Siwon should be focusing on is getting some much-needed rest. “I don’t have any plans for a vacation yet,” he revealed (how unfortunate). “But when I do get the chance, I’d love to visit Singapore and try the local dishes.”

We call dibs on being his tour guide.

SUPER SHOW 5 in Singapore 
Date: Jul 6 (6pm)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Ticket prices: S$288 (Cat 1 – VIP), S$248 (Cat 2 – Moshpit), S$248 (Cat 3 – Terrace), S$178 (Cat 4 – Balcony), S$178 (Cat 5 – Partially Restricted View) *Ticket prices exclude S$3 SISTIC charges.

Super Junior World Tour SUPER SHOW 5 is proudly organized by SM Entertainment, Dreammaker Entertainment, Running Into The Sun and Woohoo! Experience.

Credit: xinmsn,Tammi Tan

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