130620 Ryeowook, Luna, Jaejin, ChoA, Kang Dong Ho, and Oh So Yeon display their chemistry in duet music videos for ‘High School Musical’


Some of your favorite idol stars have already released their duet songs for ‘High School Musical‘ and have now displayed their chemistry for all to see with music videos!

First up is Super Junior‘s Ryeowook and f(x)’s Luna‘s “Start of Something New“, followed by AOA‘s ChoA and F.T. Island‘s Jaejin‘s “Breaking Free“, and finally Kang Dong Ho and Oh So Yeon‘s version of “Start of Something New“.

The star-studded lineup for the musical include FIESTAR‘s Linzy and Sunday who will play the role of Sharpay, joined by Yoo Seung Yup, who plays Sharpay’s brother Ryan. ChoA, Luna, and musical actress Oh So Yeon will take turns taking the lead as Gabriella, while Ryeowook, Jaejin, and Kang Dong Ho will show off their basketball skills and charisma as Troy.

‘High School Musical’ will premiere at the Blue Square Samsung Card Hall on July 2nd.

Be ‘all in this together’ with the cast and follow along to the music videos below!

Ryeowook & Luna “Start of Something New”

Jaejin and ChoA “Breaking Free”

Kang Dong Ho and Oh So Yeon “Start of Something New”

Credit: allkpop,starsung

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