130608 Super Junior’s Siwon gets fan girls giddy by revealing he loves skinship


Super Junior‘s Siwon joined fellow member Ryeowook on ‘Kiss the Radio‘ and entertained fans with a little kiss-and-tell!

Siwon visited the set of the radio show on the 7th and opened up about the four letter word, love. He shared, “I experienced my first love when I was in my third year of middle school. My father was pretty strict, so I disobeyed him. Now that I look back on it, it was a good memory, but I regret it… I’m normally the one people break up with first. If my feelings change, I am the type to tell her honestly. So I would ask my girlfriend at the time to break up first.

He then gave some advice to the young listeners, “When you’re a student, it’s important to stay grounded. It’s not late to start dating after you become an adult.

When asked how long he takes to initiate skinship with a woman, he made fan girls giddy by revealing, “I only need one day [to initiate skinship]. If a man is confident, he can approach her first,” hinting that he is a confident man himself. Ryeowook added, “Siwon normally likes skinship. He behaves like he’s from a foreign country.

Credit: allkpop,starsung

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