130522 Dazed and Confused June Edition Interview with Kangin + Pictures [6P]

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Dazed and Confused June Edition Interview w/ Kangin Trans:

Q. What do you like talking about the most?
I don’t care about what topic we talk about.

Q. What do you do these days to spend time?
I sleep most part of the morning. Then I watch Korean movies and dramas that I have missed.

Q. What was one you enjoyed watching?
<New World>. Hwang Jung Min hyung-nim’s acting skills are really, … I thought “He truly is an actor.” I think he is the best actor. I also enjoyed <War Against Crime: The Golden Age of the Bad Guys>.

Q. When people read interviews like this, some may think “is he returning as an actor?”
If I get a chance, I want to act again. I have tried it in past. I first entered SM Entertainment as a trainee to become an actor. But right now, most important thing to me is being a singer, so I don’t want to affect my singing career to act.

Q. We can’t skip over the topic of <SNL Korea> with Super Junior. Why did you not participate?
I myself felt against doing comedy. JangJin producer said I should participate in the live gag skits too, but I wasn’t ready for it. I thought, “How can I show myself laughing and smiling?”
Q. So you thought that you shouldn’t show any emotions?
I also thought I should never cry. While I was gone for 3 years, members worked very hard, and I was able to come back thanks to them. I felt that no matter how happy or sad I get, I shouldn’t laugh too loudly, or cry too much. When we received Golden Disk award in Jakarta, I was about to cry. I performed “Sorry Sorry” with members, but because of that incident, I was unable to go on awards ceremonies. It was my first one after a long time, so it felt very different. I still have regrets from then, so I still feel that my time has stopped in the “Sorry Sorry” promotion time.

Q. How was your condition after the incident?
I was ashamed of myself. I actually dislike going to places that makes me feel uncomfortable. I also dislike getting in uncomfortable situations. I am the type to live showing just who I really am, but (because of the incident), I was unable to do so, which made me frustrated. I also felt sad about my frustrations being revealed to others. I thought, “But I shouldn’t give up just because I now have bad image on people. I should just ‘live hard’.” Before then, I avoided meeting people. When friends called me to say “Let’s go drink some soju”, I rejected them. Later, my mind changed a bit, and I often visited the sticky rice sundae restaurant in front of our dorms.

Q. Why did you go on a diet? There’s Shindong too.
The biggest reason was the promise I had made with the members. I knew they truly were worrying about me, so I went on a diet.

Q. What was something that really didn’t help your diet?
There was nothing that didn’t help. During the 27 days of being on a diet, I did not walk out the house. It was hard, but it wasn’t as painful as I thought. Everyone tells me now, “Who are you?” (laugh)

Q. Do you want to burn all the pictures of your chubby past?
No, I still look at them now. As to say, “Let’s not go back to how I was then.”

Q. Still, what picture do you want to erase?
A picture I took with my ex-girlfriend. Haha, just kidding.

Q. One of Super Junior’s songs is called “Sexy, Free & Single.” Are you sexy, free, and single?
I am not sexy but I am free. In past, I was too “free”. I was really a problem maker. Now, even if I want to appear “free”, others tell me I don’t appear to be so. I don’t injure my body, my thoughts have changed, and I have aged, so I am careful about how my actions appear to others. Still, I think there’s “freedom” within me. And I don’t have many experiences with dating.

Q. I think that’s a lie.
My image may appear that way, but I have only dated four times so far. People think I am a playboy. But I don’t know much about women. That is my biggest worry. In the beginning of this year, I felt lonely, but I don’t think I have the “freedom” to date anyone yet.

Q. Unlike other members, who are busy, you have lots of free-time?
I like guy friends, so when we meet, we go play screen golf, despite not knowing how to play well. We also go fishing. That really sounds unlike me right? I also have sides like this. I like scented candles too. Really, I even take them overseas.

Q. Do you have scented candles lit in hotel rooms?
Yes. I lit one in the bathroom, and one next to the bed. Ah, I sleep with a headband on, yes. Haha.

Q. Members don’t laugh at you?
(No.) I even provide them bathing gel.

Q. Do you often take care of your skin?
No, I don’t do that. I don’t even put on lotion

Q. This is so unlike your image. Please talk about your manly side.
I’m quick to give up.

Q. You think that giving up quickly is a manly characteristic?
Yes. I don’t have regrets for anything. I am quick to give up on girls, jobs, or things I can’t get. I also want to appear this way to others. Even if I have regrets, I hide them. I don’t even say “Ah, such a shame.”

Q. Do you also don’t obsess over popularity, as a singer?
I think it’d be too hard on me if I do obsess over it. I am not very popular. I thought it might be good to prepare early if I cannot continue to have the same level of popularity as what I have now.

Q. How do you prepare for that?
You think about it a lot beforehand. If I don’t, I think I’ll be very lonely when I face it later. When someone asks for my signature now, I say “Thank you” first to them. It must have been embarrassing to come up to me to ask for a signature… I am thankful.

Q. Have you had this thought when you debuted?
I have changed a lot. After coming back from the army and the wrongs I’ve done, I changed a lot. When fans came to see me in past, I’d think “My fans. There here to see me.” but now, when fans come see me, I think “They must have been waiting for me for a long time after driving here for hours.” and feel thankful. Things I’ve found as “basic” in past is not “basic” for me now. I’m not a singer because someone is making me, I’m a singer because I want to do so. And I’ve been unable to work for 3 years in middle of this. I really wanted to work then. It was my job, but I was unable to do my job… So there was only one way to comfort myself. I actually gave up back then. When I went to the army, I thought it was the end for me. “How will I stand in front of the public” was what I thought. Being able to perform again is thanks to the company and members.

Q. You sang Kim GwangSuk’s “Around 30’s” in “Super Show 5”. Did you select the song yourself?
Few days before I came back from the army, everyone was getting ready to sleep, and a lower ranked soldier asked me, “Kim Youngwoon officer-nim, what will you do when you get back?” and I didn’t know what to reply. I replied “I don’t know.” and he asked “Do you know Kim GwangSuk’s “Around 30’s”?” I replied “Yes I do.” He asked, “You will be in your 30’s when you return right?” I said “I am still 29, what 30’s.” That soldier listened to the song every night before going to sleep, and he said the song reminded him of me. He asked me to sing that song somewhere after returning. After hearing his words, I listened to the song again, and it did sound like it’s about me. So, while thinking about this concert, I decided to sing that song. While singing the song, I thought about my beloved grandmother.

Q. Which verse do you like the most?
“It was not I, who sent it away. Not I, who walked away.” That part is very sad.

Q. What do you think you will be like in your 30’s?
I actually am in my 30’s right now. I was born in November but my father said “It’s a pity to be one year older” so he registered me the year after. At the end of the year last year, I felt weird. When I became 20, I was happy because I became a legal adult, but becoming 30, I had thoughts like “I should be more careful around others, and be responsible of my own actions.” Looking at the path I have been walking in, I thought my footsteps were everywhere. From now on, I want to walk straight forward. That is the goal in my life. I don’t have goals for just one year.

Q. You must have a goal as a singer?
Yes. I want to protect Super Junior forever, but I know that in reality, it is hard. My goal is to become a sunbae that can create an environment that hoobaes can do their best in, and be able to hear “You are a really cool sunbae!”

Q. Who thought about dressing up as Avengers at the airport after returning from South America?
Members. But there was a lead-up to this. These days, airport fashions are discussed a lot. So we wanted to have an unique airport fashion parody time. (Laugh).

Q.What is Kangin-ssi’s role in Super Junior?
Making kids laugh in the waiting room. Members call me “Crazy Hyung”. I am number one. Nobody can dream to come near. Haha.

Q. Will we be able to see your free, funny side again on shows?

Q. When?
To be honest, I don’t have any plans nor promise to make. Well, one day I might do it. No, I will be able to do it.

Q. Then if you appear on <SNL Korea>, what role do you want to do?
Whatever Dongyeop hyung is doing, I can do well too.

Q. It’s Parent’s Day. Are you buying a gift for your father?
My father likes cash. I’m going to go get some cash from the ATM now (laugh).

Source; Youngwoonjungsu Translated by; Youngwoonjungsu @ sj-empire.com

(*Do not reword any part of the translation*)

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