130503 Siwon for Men’s Uno Hongkong May 2013 issue


Superstar quality, Choi Siwon

Korea’s recent trend, 「Mum’s friend’s son」, describing those well-mannered, handsome, refined, smart, talented and obedient guys just like Mum’s friend’s son, everybody will fall in love with.
This kind of 「Mum’s friend’s son」,although they’re often fantasized as drama viewers’ imaginary boyfriend, but in real life there is not much of them.
I have interacted with Siwon several times,
I interviewed him in Korea for men’s uno two years ago, and after that I was also an translator for him on award shows.
Countless meeting, but everytime I see him, his attitude is very friendly and sincere.
Stepping towards the golden age 30 years old, he’s more matured then he was before, his superstar force shone even brighter.
If we have to choose a Korea’s best 「Mum’s friend’s son」, he will definitely win by a big margin.

Upright and honest
From debut till now, Choi Siwon has always been friendly, have a positive image, he’s even a devoted Christian, who has never been involved in any rumor or scandals. Born in a rich family, he received good education, that is also what made him acquire the princely image.
His hardworking, motivated attitude always remind me of Andy Lau.
Choi Siwon and Andy Lau first met years ago for 《 A battle of wits》, Andy Lau’s professionalism made Choi Siwon very impressed.
「Everytime I come to Hongkong, I’ll always contact Andy Lau. Like this time I’m here for an event, I just spoke to him on the phone, arranging to meet next time. I personally like filming movies, so I plan to film an Hongkong production film this year, I’m preparing for it now. Apart from movies, this year starting from March me and the Super Junior members also started our world tour, starting in Seoul, we toured all the way to South America, I’m very looking forward to meeting fans from Argentina, Chile and Brazil.」

Choi Siwon visited Hongkong very frequent recently, we can see his appearance for various events. Everytime he visits he’s always in a rush, he never had the time to shop around. 「I’ve good impression towards Hongkong, I always felt that Hongkongers are very friendly and capable, but due to my work schedule, I never had time to visit other places, I hope to stay for a longer period the next time I visit.」
With a full schedule like him, it is inevitable to feel stressed.
But with his high EQ, he always look at stuff with an positive attitude.
「Many people think it’s very stressful being an celebrity, but I really never felt any stress. If you ask me of any ways to de-stress, I don’t actually have any solution, because I personally don’t feel that working is stressful. I always think, as long as you’re concentrated and devoted to doing something, that kind of concentrated devotion will not let you have the space to feel stressed. Of course, sometimes when work is tiring, when I find it hard physically and mentally, I’ll also complain a little to manager.」

Choi Siwon who have an optimistic personality, always think that as long as we’re grateful for things, we’ll find happiness from it. We don’t always have to complicate matters.
「’A man who is contented will be happy’ this saying is right, for example right now I’m in Hongkong’s highest hotel, seeing the scenery of Hongkong is enough to make me feel fascinated.」
Him who makes every feel that he has an almost perfect personality, other than always feeling grateful, he’s always reminding himself to be an honest and reliable person.
「Upright, Honest, sympathetic&righteous is the three principle I always remind myself that a person should have. It’s ok even if we did wrong, the most important thing is to be able to admit and face your mistake. The world is not an isolated island, and interacting with others is important, so being able to understand and respect others is a must」

Source: mensuno.com.hk

Translation by silverninefive (http://worldwideelfs.com)
Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)

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