130423 Super Junior Gets Fans Fainting in Brazil with Exclusive Concert

Super Junior stepped into South America with its first concert in Brazil.

SM Entertainment announced on April 23 that the Super Junior World Tour Super Show 5 in Sao Paulo, which took place on April 21, was a success, drawing over 8,000 local fans.


The concert was the first of its kind by a Korean group and Super Junior′s first in the area, and yet it managed to garner great interest, even selling out all of its seats in a short time.
The group sang its debut single Twins, as well as hits such as Sorry SorryBonamanaMr. Simple and more as a group and in units for a total of 24 songs.

The members prepared Michel Telo′s Ai se eu te pego as a special treat for their local fans, and spoke in carefully practiced Portuguese.


A rep from SM said, “Over 140 fans fainted or had to leave in wheelchairs because of the heat from the performance. Local medical personnel were surprised at the popularity of Super Junior, saying it was the first time such a thing had happened.”

The Super Junior members said, “We flew 25 hours for our concerts in South America. We never imagined we would get to hold an exclusive concert in Brazil when we made our debut, but we did. We want to thank our fans for helping us set new record after record.”

Super Junior will next perform in Argentina′s Buenos Aires on April 23.

Credit: CJ E&M enewsWorld Jeon Su Mi

Photo credit: SM Entertainment

Translation Credit : Erika Kim

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