130420 Super Junior Interview with WHIM

Q: This is the first time for you in Brazil, very anxious?
Kangin: Not a bit worried. Rather, since this is the first time, I am very excited to meet our fans. Incidentally, I can not wait to meet them!

Siwon: More than anxious, very excited!

Q: What fans can expect from this stage debut in Brazil?
Kangin: You can expect everything from the opening song until the end, since this is the first show we do there.
Siwon: It will be really fun. We will perform a totally different show from Super Show 5 in Seoul.

Q: Are you preparing a surprise?
Donghae: We have prepared a special stage for South America. You will be able to see if you attend the show!

Q: How were the shows of the tour Super Show 5 so far?
Kangin: We only had shows in Korea for now. This passage through South America will be our first international show.
Donghae: So far only had two shows in Korea. After touring through South America, we intend to bring Super Show 5 to Asia and Europe.

Q: Besides doing the shows, do you plan to do some kind of tourism in Brazil?
Kangin: Our agenda in South America consists of shows in four different countries. So we do not know whether we’ll have time to visit places in Brazil. But if I have a chance, would like to see a Samba show.
Siwon: My dad told me to try to visit the Iguazu Falls.

Q: The Brazilian fans are very dedicated. Do you have contact with some of them? Do you have an idea of ​​those people who love you around here?
Kangin: When we made the announcement of the tour in South America, through Google Hangout, we had the chance to meet some Brazilian fans through chat. We know that Super Junior receives much love and support in South America. Thank you for this!
Siwon: I’m very excited to finally be able to meet our fans in Brazil.

Q: Do you want to leave a special message for the fans who are going to the show?
Kangin: I’m dying to know them first.
Donghae: We have so much fun! I want to meet you soon!
Siwon: Let’s give it our best and you will not regret to have waited for the show. We’ll have so much fun together!


Translated by: SiwonLover

Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)

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