130418 [StarNews Interview] Shindong “5 yrs as DJ, Dreams of becoming the youngest to receive Bronze Mouth”

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“I really want to be the youngest to receive the bronze mouth award.”

On 17th, I met up with Super Junior’s Shindong(28). Shindong was interviewed not as singer Shindong but as DJ Shindong, who have met 5 years anniversary as a DJ in MBC Radio “Shindong’s ShimShimTaPpa”.

Shindong became the first, and the only person to receive ‘half’ bronze mouth award. ‘Bronze Mouth’ award is awarded by MBC for DJs who have DJed for 10 years. But Shindong received ‘half’ brzone award, which didn’t exist before.
MBC has made the award to show gratitude to Shindong for protecting his DJ seat for 5 years despite his busy schedules as Super Junior member.

“I think they gave me the award to tell me ‘don’t go anywhere!’. I guess they want me to keep DJ-ing? (laugh) It might sound funny but I think I DJ well. I do my best to give laughter while DJing, and I also try to change according to the guests. I always try to use new ideas by consulting and preparing with the producers. When I first started, I received lots of bad comments. When I was DJing with Kim Shin Young, many texts came saying ‘you are too loud’. I thought ‘Is this wrong way to do..?’ but as time passed, reactions came. Many say it’s hard to go over 5% (in number of listeners compared to population) but I have hit 7% before. I felt proud.”

Shindong is aiming for Bronze Mouth award. Ones who have received Bronze Mouth award before was Yang HeeEun, No Sa Yun, Sohn SukHee, and Choi Ang Lak. If Shindong were to DJ 5 more years, he would become the youngest to receive the award.

“I really want to become the youngest person to receive the award. But I have my age and I have to go to the army so the time doesn’t work out. I would be gone for 2 years when I go to army. So I told the producers ‘I’ll shave my hair on ShimShimTaPpa, and return to ShimShimTaPpa right away after I finish my service’ when I received the half bronze mouth award. But the producers didn’t say anything. (laugh) I want to continue DJ-ing until I go to the army. But I have to think about really shaving my head on ShimShimTaPpa.”

‘ShimShimTaPpa’ starts after midnight and ends at 2 AM. It’s also done everyday. It would be hard, being a hallyu star, to record 2 hours every day.. but Shindong still says he’s enjoying the time.

“While doing the program, my daily living pattern changed. I go to sleep when the sun rises. In Korea, drinking culture is important but I don’t have many experiences of drinking at a restaurant. I usually invite my friends over to my house and converse and drink together. I find that there are pros and cons of this. I eat breakfast in the afternoon and eat night snacks so I gain more weight.”

‘ShimShimTaPpa’ is louder than other night radio programs. It starts with a rap, has jajangmyeon eating contests, and other segments that may seem ‘too loud’ for the night. But it has been #1 most listened radio program for 4 consecutive years.

“I think that is our charm. At first, we worried that the guest wouldn’t understand missions like ‘pulling out grass’. But after I demonstrated it myself, everyone agreed to it. Like when I talk with my friends, I talk and the other talk. At first, I felt sorry about being so mean. But as time passed, I found my own way. When I became honest, the guests became honest too.”

Shindong’s ‘ShimShimTaPpa’ had many guests that revealed their past love experiences or ideal types. This was because of DJ Shindong.

“What I learned while doing broadcast was that people found talks about dating experiences negative. I thought ‘why must you hide your love experiences?’. Most first love experiences are beautiful but people refuse to share it. When we talk positively about love experiences, the guests start to reveal their stories. I really love hearing about others’ love experiences. (Laugh) You get curious!”

Shindong has been DJ-ing for 5 years despite his busy schedules in and out of Korea. ‘ShimShimTaPpa”s Sohn HanSuh PD expressed his gratitude to Shindong. What is the charm that brings Shindong in to the radio booth every night?

“I think listening to the radio itself is the charm. I really like the fact that it’s live radio too. I have had time when we had to use temporary DJ… but those days only count up to 1 month. I really find it amazing. I just feel energy when I see the ‘ON AIR’ sign lit up in the radio booth. When I was doing SBS ‘Strong Heart’, I had this conversation with
Lee SeungKi-ssi… He asked me ‘You are famous globally… why are you cosplaying here..?’. But what is the importance (of being famous globally)? I do it because there are people who like it.”
Shindong showed affection for his radio program. He thought about the guests that have appeared on his radio. When I asked him about his goal as a DJ, he replied “I hope it remains the same as it is now”

“I hope to continue DJ-ing like now. It would be nice if I can DJ better but I will throw away that greed. Always, when I did diets, I thought ‘let’s lose a bit more…’ and gained lots of weight. (laugh) I’m not at 100/100 points yet but I like how it is now. I want to continue like this.”

Source; StarNews

Translated by; Youngwoonjungsu @ sj-empire.com

Posted by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)

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