130421 Super Junior soak up the Brazilian sun showing off their muscular arms and abs in the process


Super Junior is having a blast in Brazil ahead of their sold out concert there today. The members have been keeping fans updated with periodic updates of their zany South American antics.

Donghae began with a tweet from Los Angeles, together with this baby photo/present day two shot, while other members also tweeted anticipation for their arrival in Brazil.

bSJhae bSJhae1

bSJhenwook bSJhenwook1

Eunhyuk, on the other hand, tried his hand at some Spanish Portuguese tweeting, “Hello!!!!!! Please wait!!!!! Brasil fans~~~~“.

bwonhyuk bwonhyuk1

Even before Donghae disembarked, he was tweeting more goodies for rabid fans, this time bringing Siwon on for the ride, in set of wacky selcas.

bwonhae bwonhae1

bhae bhae1

The long flight did not dampen thier zest to get out and soak up the famed Brazilian sun.


What’s a holiday in Brazil without a bit of topless fun at the pool?

bSHE!! bSHE!!1 bSHE!!2


Looks like they are having so much fun, wish we were there.

After their concert in Brazil, Super Junior will be heading to Argentina, Chile, and Peru!

Credit: allkpop

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