[TRANS] 130412 Transcript portion of Sungdong Cafe with Heechul: Seriously, I almost feel like crying

Heechul: Seriously, I almost feel like crying, I cry really easily when it comes to relationship bonds, including the type of relationships idols have with their fans.
Thank you all for supporting me and loving me so blindly, but what if you fall too hard and it affects your futures? I am often bothered by these type of thoughts, so ever since my debut I have said that I will not be able to take responsibility over your own individual lives. I lost half of the fans I had then because of what I said, but I don’t regret ever saying it. There are fans who see me and tell me their lives were ruined/changed completely because they were too busy and focused on chasing after me, compared to those type of words, I’d rather hear stuff like “I’ve grown up, I’m working now, I have a boyfriend”. Sigh, the tears are coming again.

Korean to Chinese translation: 希家天下
Chinese to English translation: xavier_x007x (http://worldwideelfs.com)

Take out with full and proper credits. Thanks!


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