130411 Sungdong Cafe – Heechul talks, going to join SS5?

From April 11, 2013 episode of Sungdong Cafe^^

【HEE DJ’S comeback – SS5?】Originally I told the company why not wait for Teuk to discharge next year before we make a comeback together, but the members all encouraged me to make my comeback during this concert, luckily the members still likes me. Because if we are not doing the concert I won’t have the chance to meet oversea fans, so I must start dieting, I must lose at least 4-5 kg~

【Hee DJ talks about fans】I often say although everybody like me, they shouldn’t affect their future for me, I can’t account for all your future, but I realise as I say this, I lost half of my fans. But I didn’t regret it. There are fans who report their lastest news to me, I’m especially happy seeing how everybody is living well, accomplished achievments, although I’m not the one who raised them up. Sometimes ago a fan got married, I even called my mum and told her about it.

Listener: Do you guys want to make a program like ?
HEE: I suggested that we should make a show called Super Show or something like that long time ago, I also discussed about it with Teuk in the dorm, but because of my enlistment it got pushed off.

【Regarding Twitter】HEE: Recently Taeyeon recommended me to play something called insta what, but I think for SNS stuff, even 10 sentences cannot make up for 1 mistake. So it’s better to be careful. But I might start playing with that (instagram)

【HEE DJ is the pure and innnocent type?】I’m definitely the pure and innocent type! Donghae don’t drink and doesn’t like playing, I told him you should play enough while you’re young, so that you wouldn’t betray your wife after you got married. My theory is getting married after playing enough. Guarding my wolf-like wife and rabbit-like child like an sunflower. Recently there’s fan who got married, although I’m not the one what raised them, but because they’ve been following us, so I still felt happy for them.

【HEE DJ’s entangled dating problems】Everytime I get dumped I think not long after I’ll find someone new. I discussed with reporters I knew of why I hasn’t been in a scandal, they say unless I get photographed hugging on the streets. I originally wanted leave the entertainment industry after I enlisted to date, but it got pushed back. Recently I’ve been dreaming of the day I get discharged from the army, I must be getting on the car leaving for schedules after bowing and thanking my leaders, so for dating I’ll have to leave it to fate….

【HEE DJ talks about stamina】After SS5 Seoul ended, Donghae came and told me his stamina really cannot make it now, he pants after a few songs. That’s right, few years ago when me and Teuk felt like that Donghae still didn’t understood why. Speaking of which we have really been running for too long. Usually if a group releases dance track as their new song it would definitely be more popular, if you see a group promoting ballad as their title track, it means they can no longer dance. My comeback during the concert, I’m also going to do to fast songs!

Korean translation to Chinese translation: @影子的素描
Translated by silverninefive (http://worldwideelfs.com)
Posted by sapphir3bluu (http://worldwideelfs.com)

Take out with full and proper credits. Do not erase any credits. Thanks!


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