130411 Zhoumi Weibo Update: I am really 18 years old

@3G门户娱乐频道: #Super Junior-M#成员#周觅#首部电影处女作献给方文山《听见下雨的声音》,他以客串身分在片中饰演萌发初恋的大学生,周觅透露初恋在高中时期,但仅交往半年,因上大学受不了远距离恋爱而分手,现年26岁的他渴望谈恋爱,择偶标準一定要会说国语,最欣赏大眼睛女孩,他也自认是「外貌协会」者。
[TRANS @3G门户娱乐频道]: #Super Junior-M# member #Zhoumi# first movie experience is given to Fang Wen Shan’s 《Hear Rain》, he will make a cameo appearance in the film as a college student who is Meng Fa’s first love, Zhoumi disclose that  his first love occurred during  high school, but it only lasted for half a year, as long-distant relationships are hard maintain while going into college. Now 26 this year he (Zhoumi) yearns to date, criteria for his other half (,) must able to speak mandarin, likes girls with big eyes, he also admitted that he is one of those who looks at appearance.
@周觅_SJM: 其实…[思考]我真的是十八岁[心]
[TRANS @周觅_SJM]: Actually .. [思考] I am really 18 Years old [心]
Chinese Translation by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)
Take out with full and proper credits! Thank you!

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