[ENG TRANS] 130409 Kibum Interview with (Thai) Seoul Star Magazine

It’s not regular fanmeeting but it’s full of meaning and distinction. becuase It’s Kim kibum’s the first fan meeting. moreover this day(31 mar 2013) is complete 4 years that ELFs haven’t met him since 2009.in that year kibum came to thailand with super junior members,the last time that we seen 13 members together in the stage,so it’s thankful for cosma plus entertainment that arranges kibum’s fan meeting for his good memory and ours

Q: first of all, introduce yourself,please.

KB: errrr ~ …. hello! my name’s kim ki bum (smile and shy) thank you! (laugh)

Q: the distinction of this fan meeting is the day that complete 4 years,kibum didn’t come to thailand and fan meeting’s title is “2013 Kim Kibum Memory of Love Fan meeting in bangkok” so we want to know that what is your memory or impression about this fan meeting?

KB:(smile) my first impression is when i arrive in airport , many of fanclub come for recieve me. i feel very happy and impress in big love of fanclub that give me.i feel comforted.i remember but i don’t know their numbers. i just talk to my freind that did you know i’m like a super star because i have many fans and i remember that i will have some fans following when i go anywhere (smile)

Q: Do you feel excited ?
KB: umm~ it’s feel very good. i can tell that my fans are so beautiful (laugh) i want to know how did my fans do ? why do their beauty increase?(laugh). in the future,don’t worry for they marriage.

Q: if they(ELF) listen, they will be happy! next,it’s about your performance.lately,because you must shoot ‘Tian Long Ba Bu’ .so you go to work at china. please,share your experience and talk about your character,tuan yi, you must talk in chinese. how about your speak? Do you have any trouble?

KB: I don’t have any trouble. because my script will be translated so i will know that what my performance partner say but i have a little problem when i talk with director ..but don’t worry. i use body language for converse him. this serie has shot in china so it’s not only chinese but also heart and perform for conversation.If i can go to shoot in another country.i certainly do it well (proudly smile)

Q: you perform in many different character both in series and movies so what is character that you want to be?

KB: I really want to perform many different character if my fans allow me to be, i want to be a villain character (smile) because all of my characters are a good man.i have a many lovely fans (laugh) so may i allowed all my fans i want to know that what character do you want me to be? but i really want to be a villain character.

Q: Fans always said that you are so very charming especially when you smile then they call you ‘smile killer’ . how does your feel?

KB:Very good! (greatful smile).privately,I also like a beautiful smiled woman too!!

Q: Do you recognize thai language? say it please~

KB: in the past,i can speak more than now. i forget it (shy) ah!! yes! (speak thai) pom-chi-ki-bum (my name’s kibum) , sa-wad-dee-krub (hello) , mai-dai-ma-nan-laow dee-jai-tee-dai-ma (long time no seen. glad to see you) , kid-theung-mak-mak (miss you very much)

Q: Fans are waitng for you.so can you tell me about this fan meeting’s highlight?

KB: (raise his thumb) this is my first fan meeting in thailand. i really don’t know about fan meeting so i ask my friends who have fan meeting’s experience and they told me back that it has singing, dancing, playing a game , give a souvenir for your fans …. um …. i can’t dance well (laugh) but my special is singing. i thinks i feels i comes for rest , meets my friend so i’ll meet everyone with my relax… yes this is highlight of this fan meeting. it’s a good time to let me show you a realistic kibum.

Q:The last, do you want to tell your fans?

KB: Thank you for your very very big love . i want to say thank you for ELF . long time no come ! i promise i’ll work hard and i hope to often come back to thailand. don’t forgive me ~ please love me forevet~

Translation credits goes to @gengpjaefin
Posted by sapphir3bluu (http://worldwideelfs.com)

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