130331 [TRANS Compilation] Kibum Thailand Fanmeet

Kibum: I want to come to Thailand very much, I miss everyone because I have many good memories, I miss everyone so much. I’ll keep on searching for opportunities to come.

MC: Talking about 4 years ago, what memories do you have?
Kibum: I miss the airport that fans had waited, going everywhere the fans had always waited.

MC: Met the hot weather in Thailand, how was it?
Kibum: I was born on August, at Korea it’s summer so I don’t feel hot that much.

Talking about fan-meeting ..
Kibum: I’m in this industry for 10 years, before I slept I think that will I be excited, but when I come to stand-by I feel very excited. I will not forget everybody.

Kibum: Today I’m not here for work, I’m here to date with (my) girlfriend.

Kibum says he doesn’t have a girlfriend for a long time already.

Kibum pointing at the fans, and asked do you like Nichkhun? because Kibum says that fans move to other fandoms already.

MC: Which role do you liked the most?
Kibum: Eundong

Game time ..
The third game, Kibum will call the lucky fans.

The first question is what is Kibum’s favorite color? – Black

The second question what is Kibum’s favorite animal? – Cat
He asked do you know Heebum? Heebum is Heechul’s cat.

The third question is what is Kibum’s favorite food?
A fan answered soju. Kibum says no, The food he liked is to eat with soju.
The answer is streaky pork, Kibum says he like it very much

The fourth question what is Kibum’s favorite Thai fruit? – Watermelon

The last question is how many dramas did Kibum played? – 12

The winner of the third game got Kibum’s hat. He says he wears it always when he go out and eat streaky pork and soju.

Kibum’s ideal woman..
I like a woman with a beautiful smiles because i’m a smile killer

Kibum’s thai phrases. Am I sexy? I love you. Sawasdee krub. I’m Kibum.

Kibum says he’ll study more Thai, but fans also have to study more Korean.

Now in the industry who are you close to? Super Junior members. Today I see many Kibum-Donghae banners. We are brothers.

When the manager told Kibum that there’s an event in Thailand, he’s worried if there’s anyone who would love him. Seeing this, he says don’t move to other fandom.

What is Kibum’s favorite Thai dish? Kibum asked is shrimp a thai dish? He said he likes shrimp, coriander and noodles.

Credits: Minnkm | destinyline137 | Huanampop | ForKimKiBum | SPREE3LEE


3 thoughts on “130331 [TRANS Compilation] Kibum Thailand Fanmeet

  1. Why you says “Kibum-Donghae banners”. Say KIHAE banners lah!!! Is it hard?? I bet this fansite admin is Eunhae shipper… means new ELF. Too bias! Haisshhh. >__<

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