130313 Newsen Interview with Henry [16P]

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Recent auditions programs are focusing on things outside just singing and dancing, but also cooking. Recently started “Master Chef Korea Celebrity” on Olive gathered celebrities, that claims they can cook, for a competition. There is a cute competitor with awkward Korean that is showing off his charms right now. It’s Super Junior M’s Henry.

Henry is Super Junior M’s member that works mostly in Chinese regions and are not familiar to Korean viewers. But despite lacking activities in Korea, he was able to come on the cooking show. He said “My cooking skills improved through the 6~7 months training I received for my movie recently. I was trained 5~6 hours daily by a famous chef.” He said his interest in cooking came from recording ‘Final Recipe’ movie.

“I practiced a lot with fruits and vegetables like cucumbers. I think I’ve cut over 100 so far. I got injured often in the past but now I know the method to use so I don’t get hurt.”

“Fire show isn’t something I learned from the chef. I just watched the chef do it from the side, and imitated it since it was so cool. At first, I was scared and the fire almost touched my face.. but afterwards, my fears disappeared. Now, the bigger the fire is, the better it is. The reason I showed the fire-show on broadcast was to show it to my fans. The pan was really heavy so at first, I practiced with rice or beans instead of food. My wrists used to hurt but now it’s fine.”

Henry placed #1 in the mystery box mission with Kim Sung Soo on the broadcast from 3/8. He was able to cook something good from the ingredients brought by his stylist.

Henry said “I worked hard in all the episodes before too but I was unable to get first place… and finally, I got first place. Before, I had problems with my dish but that time, I did everything correctly. I concentrated and gave attention to every detail. I was very happy to place number one.”

Henry said the cuisine he is most confident in is Chinese. “I am most confident in Chinese cuisine but I am confident in all cuisines. I don’t know how to make Korean cuisines well but I know the taste. When I taste something, I know what has been put in it.”

In the first few foods Henry made, hair came out or he didn’t remove the poop from the shrimps. Henry claimed that the hair wasn’t his. “It’s 100% not mine. I have blond hair but that hair was black. Not removing the poop was my fault. I had a lot of time but I did shrimp last so I rushed.”

Henry made people laugh by calling Kim SoHee chef as ‘eyebrows grandmother’. Henry said “I don’t call her eyebrows grandmother anymore. I like her the best. I like all three judges but it’s hard getting a compliment from Kim So Hee chef so I try my best.” He said he now realizes what Kim So Hee chef meant with the regional accent ‘dandy’

When asked who he thought the winner will be, he couldn’t answer right away. Henry said “I was surprised on the first episode. Everyone did well so I thought 100% sure that I’d drop out. After few episodes, I think my skills have started to come out. Kim Sung Soo sunbaenim did very well at first. Now, Fei is doing well so I think Fei will win.”

We asked Henry what he thought about his first private schedule in Korea. He said “I want to do many activities in Korea. I love cooking but I want to do music and also acting. I want to act like an immigrant. Please tell producers, if they need a foreigner role, just use Henry. I don’t need to act to look like an immigrant image or next door dongsaeng because that’s just how I am everyday. I want to play roles that play instrument too.”

“I get very tensed. You have to make the dish in 60 minutes. Making it in exactly 1 hour is very hard. When chefs give us an explanation of the mission, I think about which dish would be pretty and tasty. I haven’t been cooking for a long time so I only know few dish. This makes me very tense” (Henry)

When we asked about the dish he is most confident in making, he replied hamburger and hotdogs. He said “It’s simple so I’m confident!” with a playful expression.

When we asked what he will do with the prize money, he said he will donate it. “Later, when I make lots of money, I want to help people in need. I feel that we need to help people around us first before someone far away.”

Source: Newsen

Credit: NKSubs


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