[FANACC] 130329 Yesung at Mobit

130329 Mobit – So xxxxxx ordered first. She told me before that she didn’t have her wallet but I was shaking so I didn’t hear her lol. So he was looking at me waiting for my order together with Jan but I told him no its only that lol but she was like omg I don’t have money and I had to give her my wallet and he was like what.
Then Jan asked him if he was alright and he said “yeah I’m better” but his face didn’t told me so you know 😦 And then Jan told him “get well soon~” and he said yeah thank you.
Then I came to order and asked for a hot choco and asked him if I could give him a gift. He said yeah okay and I gave him the bag and told him it’s Venezuelan chocolates; I also told him to share with his parents in my broken Korean LOL and he smiled and told me thank you~
Then he asked me in English “where are you prom?” (I was dying in the inside) and I told him Venezuela! And he was like OHHH WOW Venezuela! Agsjahdka
And then Jan said I’m Thai! And I said to him: we are came here because an scholarship and he was like ohhh so good.
I have to say I almost forgot to pay after I gave him the gifts and I think I was all red and nervous hahaha. But he was so nice and I quite could see his eyes through his glasses ❤ and you know. He forgot to give me 200₩ back. LOL I don't care.

Fanacc from @bluebada_


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