130321 Funny Moments with SJ on Naver Line Chat~!

*Note: Compilation are not in order

When hyuk & shindong (MC) went into the chat room ..
MC: Kyu ! what are you doing?
Kyu: it’s dirty, so I am cleaning the place.
MC: then why are you using your lyrics book to clean?
Kyu: ah ! hahahahah !
MC: Yesung, are you not well ? hahaha.
Yesung: I will do a dance for everyone in 1 miniute (then he did a fast-movement dance with many different guestures)
Donghae: Lee Donghae is here ..
MC: Oh good ~ donghae since you are holding onto a mic,arent you going to say something ?
Donghae: ah ~ yaya . hahahaha.

When ask about the ranking of visuals, Kyu said that he is 3rd. Yesung said 2nd while siwon said that he never really think much about this. Then Ryeowook said: then who is 1st? me? hahahha.

SJ: Everytime when we said ‘we are Super Juni~or !’ Its really cool when ELF replied ‘we are ELF~or’

When hyuk & Shingdong MC asked what preparations the members did for ss5, yesung started to dance randomly. Sungmin said he is doing exercise to make his butt look nicer for ss5 while ryeowook just suddenly laid flat.

When ask about what interesting things had haooen before in their concerts ..
Kyu said that in the guangzhou x’mas concert, he took out his shoe as it was raining. Then Yesung said when kyu took off his shoe, he was almost the same height as Ryeowook. Then Ryewook said sorry, he added many shoe-lift

When ask about which member is a ‘bad guy’ when it comes to dating, all of them said that it’s Ryeowook (100%). Then sungmin said that actually when they are in Sukira, Ryeowook is the ‘Bad Guy Icon’

When Zhoumi said ‘Hi everyone I am Zhoumi’ (In chinese), Shingdong teased him by saying that his speak good chinese and ask if he is practicing his chinese regularly

Kangin: I’ve got a question!!! Why are we always questioning siwon? Hyuk: Well we plan to interview siwon for 1 hr and the time left, will be for the other members.
Shingdong: 1 hr for siwon .. so it’s 2 mins for other members
Hyuk: I will give kangin 9 secs then
Kangin: oh ok, I am happy already
Hyuk: For this concert, siwon will do something really different .. maybe he will become ugly or something.
Shindong: I doubt that is possible ..
Hyuk: Then i will suddenly become handsome

Korean to Chinese: 暖暖酱子呀 | Dolores3424 | 阿飘_Ting_dsb-b | 我菜我菜我小菜菜
Chinese to English: worldwideelfs

Kangin: “Donghae didn’t know what to do. I told him to go get those drinks, and go outside and wait. When I say ‘We’re missing a member’, he was suppose to walk in saying ‘Oh i brought drinks for the members in case they get thirsty’ but he said ‘we’re missing a member’ himself. He’s stupid.”

Yesung made a comment when a question was asked to Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun “Stay still. (to Yesung)”

Kyuhyun posted “Kyuhyun oppa is the best in Super Junior” on line ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Yesung posted “Yesung is best. Yesung I miss you.” one of the members posted “Ryeowook oppa I love you” ㅋㅋ

Shindong: “let’s have Sungmin-ssi tell a funny story.” Sungmin: “funny story..?” Yesung: “If sungmin says it, it’ll be boring.” Sungmin “It always rains when Super Junior has a concert. I’m anticipating it this time too.”

Donghae “I want to try… when I went to members musicals, and saw the finale, I really wanted to try it (musical). I wanted to try Kyuhyun’s Catch Me if you can.”

Fan: What is your own unique healing (resting) method? Eunhyuk: Siwon-ssi went overseas many times recently. How did you heal yourself? Siwon: I wasn’t able to Eunhyuk: oh! Not able to. Well this time spent together with fans can be your healing time

Korean translation: NKSubs


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