130320 [TRANS] Ceci – Kangin’s Interview

Ceci: It’s been a while. Please introduce yourself
Kangin: We had a keyword associated with us since our debut.
Playful Shindong, Jewel Eunhyuk, Teukki Teukki Leeteuk, Donghae with sad eyes, (laugh). Things like this.
I was Strong Man Kangin. But now, i think “Kangin who returned” suits me the best

Ceci: You were successful in losing weight. Was there a special reason to go on a diet?
Kangin: Like every action requires a spark to start it, i had one.
Teuk-ee hyung’s enlistment was the reason I decided to go on a diet. Heechul hyung is still in the army, and Yesung and I are the eldest hyungs right now.
I wanted to do something as the eldest and what i decided was to go back to the weight i was when we debuted. I promised to myself, members, and the company. Maybe no one believed me then but it was a promise to myself and also a fight with myself so I worked hard. i exercised a lot and I reduced the amount I ate. Going on a diet wasn’t just to lose weight but also to keep a promise between myself and the members

Ceci: Today’s concept was “pink”. we wanted to show sharp kangin, soft Kangin, and Kind Kangin. How was it?
Kangin: During the photo-shoot  i kept saying “this is my first time wearing clothes like this” but i personally love pastel colors. I am actually picky on details~. (laugh) Normally, i am afraid to try new areas but i think i discovered a new side of myself today. it’s unfamiliar but it makes me feel good. something like that.

Ceci: What color is kangin?
Kangin: In past, i wanted to appear cool and manly so i wanted “black” but now, i want to become “green” that reminds you of a greenish/blueish scene

Ceci: Super junior is becoming more manly. we will give you a special chance to rank the visual order of SJ
Kangin: Because i know the members well, it’s harder to rank. Members that are popular have a reason to be popular. not just in visual but in other categories too. if i have to order by visual, Choi Siwon then Lee Donghae. ”
Ceci: What about yourself?
Kangin: me? 6th? 5th? (laugh) our popularity is different in each countries. so i’m planning to target South America.
I think i will place high rank! haha. but one more thing! There is a member that always gets in top 3 no matter what country. It’s Donghae, he’s manly and wild, yet also soft and caring. that’s his charm.

Ceci: Recently, “Rice wine and Vegetable Pancake on a raining day” came up on SNS sites and there was a hot reaction over it
–T/N: koreans often say Vegetable pancake fits raining days*
Kangin: We were going home after recording a cf. members in the picture were the ones in car with me. The “fire” was sparked by Cho Kyuhyun. ‘Ah! On days like this, …” And he started talking. I said ‘Cho Kyuhyun stop~’ but Eunhyuk, who was next to me, said ‘Should we go (eat)? Hm~’ and the conversation continued from there. Then Kyuhyun said the critical words ‘Kangin hyung, want to go drink rice wine?’ And Eunhyuk, who doesnt drink alcohol much normally, said ‘what does it taste like? I’m curious’ and joined Kyuhyun’s side. So naturally, we arrived to ‘should we go?’ And it became ‘let’s go!’ And we had a fun time. Instead of rice wine, we ordered many things to eat like acorn mook, golbaengee, and vegetable pancake and talked about old times. We laughed a lot and enjoyed the time together

Ceci: Do you have another combo that goes together like ‘Rice wine and vegetable pancake’?
Kangin: In winter, dried saury (Guamegi)! There is a guamegi lover in SJ.
Me and Kyuhyun-ee. Kyuhyun especially loves guamegi.
Ceci: Guamegi really suits Kyuhyun-ssi
Kangin: Haha! Right? It suits him right? Kyuhyun’s face, reminds me of guamegi.
I havent seen guamegi before (T/N: i think he means alive/not cooked) but I think it’ll look like Kyuhyun-ee.
Anyways Guamegi in winter is a secret way to communicate between me and Kyuhyun-ee. And on raining days, i always listen to “Like rain, like a song” by Kim Hyun Sik sunbaenim

Ceci: This may be an overused question but what is the secret to SJ’s great teamwork?
Kangin: Super Junior is like a small company. You cannot see us as a normal group. Sometimes, when I am watching TV at home, I find our members acting, singing, and DJing on radio. Through that, we created our own rules to follow in our ‘small society’ and our members follow those rules very well. Even to the point I find it very interesting.
Sometimes, when we are talking and this and that, we say things like “Should we just all live together?” and “Should we later try making (producing) groups ourselves?”. Many conversations come and go in our tight teamwork.
Shindong and Eunhyuk then competes to teach us how to dance, Yesung tries to teach us how to sing, and Donghae says he’ll teach us whatever he can. We joke around many times but without our friendship and affection for each other, it would be impossible.

Ceci: What is Kangin to other people? And a message to your parents, fans, or your girlfriend if you have one.
Kangin: I am a son that only calls his parents whenever he needs them, the immature maknae oppa to fans, and I don’t have a girlfriend but I’m “not good with dating” man in front of women. And to the members, I am a ‘real man’. Our fans are much younger than me but they always worry about me and take care of me. They find me cute and take care of me like I am an immature oppa to them instead of an oppa they don’t like. (Laugh) And when it comes to dating, I am bad at it. Everyone around me knows how bad I am with dating someone.
(T/N: Kangin phrases his sentences like “he’s not experienced when it comes to dating” therefore not really good in dating…;;)

Ceci: Do you have a role model?
Kangin: Gunmo hyugn and Lee Moon Sae sunbaenims who allowed me to grow my dreams of becoming a singer, and in human characteristic-wise, I want to learn from Changryul-ee hyung, who is always the first person to take care of sunbae singers. I also want to learn from Tak JaeHoon hyung who is always full of energy, and lastly I want to learn from Yoo YoungJin sunbaenim. He is the singer that was the first to introduce R&B genre to the general public. I feel very thankful that I am able to work with someone like that.

Ceci: Anything you want that your group members have?
Kangin: Siwon’s wealth? Haha! Last lunar new years day, few members gathered and drank coffee.
Siwon showed up late. He came with his parents. To change the slightly heavy atmosphere, I said “Father! I have a question to ask. Do you really have a helicopter at home?” and his father joked and replied “We didn’t have a place to park it so we sold it~”
As for being jealous of someone’s visual, .. hmm~ I don’t think I am jealous of any member in that. If you are short, there’s heels.. So I will say “Choi Siwon’s wealth”. Haha!

Ceci: Actress Lee YoonJi said she’d like to do WGM with you again if she had a chance to
Kangin: If it’s Lee Yoonji-ssi, I’ll say OK! Even if it’s another program, if Yoonji-ssi ask me to do it together, I will. We became really good friends thanks to WGM. We aren’t able to contact each other often but when we do call or text each other, we still call each other “Husband/wife”.

Ceci: What is Super Junior to Kangin?
Kangin: There are ShinHwa and DBSK sunbaenims but our pride is that we are continuing with large number of members.”

Ceci: Super Junior was also the first to start the ‘unit’ system. You guys are the best World Group right now but I think you guys will rise higher
Kangin: We did not become popular because we, members, were great; it’s a miracle from our teamwork.”

Ceci: When <Ceci> April edition is released, it’ll be around Super Show 5 time. Please say something about it.
Kangin: It’s my first Super Show after Super Show 2. Everyone is preparing hard for their great stages so I don’t have any worries or doubts. And personally, since I worked hard on my diet, I think I will be able to fly on the stage. I just might really fly. I will pay back the love with a great stage that you just can’t watch alone, or enjoy alone. If you have a chance, please come watch~!

Credit: NKSubs


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