130314 Super Junior′s Kyuhyun is Jealous of Singers in Smaller Agencies

Super Junior′s Kyuhyun confessed that at times he becomes jealous of singers signed with companies smaller than SM Entertainment.

The singer spoke with 1st generation idol members in the March 13 broadcast of MBC′s Radio Star.


When Lee Jae Won was asked whether he didn′t feel jealous of other, smaller agencies when he was with SM, he answered, “Not back then. I′m actually more jealous of the present day SM. It′s become better-off.”
Kyuhyun, who is signed with the ′present day SM′ Lee Jae Won is jealous of, however, actually said he is jealous of agencies smaller than SM.

He said, “SM has been expanding into other areas like variety, acting and dining, so at times I become worried Super Junior will be shunted aside.”


Kim Jae Duk replied sharply, “You′re complaining about something others would love to have. You feel sorry you′re not being cared for now, when you′re at the height of your career, but later you′ll feel that the company really cared for you.”

Photo Credit: MBC

Translation Credit: Erika Kim

Credit: enewsWorld 



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