130227 Who did Leeteuk want to see after enlisting?


On the latest ‘News 12 – Issue and People‘, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk expressed how much he loves girl groups, but he wasn’t able to decide which one he likes most.

He started off the interview by sharing, “The people I wanted to see the most after enlisting in the army was my family. I also really missed the Super Junior members, who I’ve been with for almost 10 years.

When asked about girl groups, Leeteuk revealed, “As soon as I wore the military uniform and became a soldier, all the ladies and girl group members on TV looked beautiful. I want to see them very much. I thought, ‘The people I saw just once at broadcast stations were such great people.’” He also added, “There are a lot of girl groups these days, so I can’t decide who’s prettier. When girl groups come on TV, the soldiers’ morale improves.”

In other news, Leeteuk is starring alongside actors Ji Hyun Woo and Kim Moo Yeol in the army musical

The Promise‘, which commemorates the 60th anniversary of the Korean War.

Credit: allkpop


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