[TRANS + PIC] 130222 100% Entertainment FB Update with SJ-M!

Wow! Oh my gosh!! Isn’t that SJ-M?!
They came to record and perform their latest song..
They still played the 「friendship test」 . Someone was punished until he pleaded for help and someone played the game like crazy. There was once where the whole scene was chaos.
It even brought continuous laughter for Xiao Gui and Hu Die, the 2 MCs, and they brought said that how cld they b so funny!!
Want to see the funniest SJ-M?! Please stay tune to our show!! You will definitely want more~ Hahaha!!

哇!我的天兒啊!! 這不是Super Junior M嗎?! 他們來錄影表演最新歌曲 還大玩「友情大考驗」 有人被懲罰到求饒 有人玩遊戲玩瘋了 場面還一度無法收拾 連小鬼.蝴蝶都笑慘了 直呼:怎麼那麼好笑啊!! 想看最爆笑的SJM嗎?! 要隨時鎖定節目哦!! 保證你看了還想再看~哈哈哈!!


Source: 娛樂百分百 Facebook
Translation by cmkish0w (http://worldwideelfs.com)


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