[TUTORIAL] How to make a weibo account for fans in any country (+how to follow SJ on weibo)

UPDATED tutorial from Feb 3, 2014

Go to this link

Just follow this one pic ^^ Ignore the 2 at the side ~


After this, you’ll get some page that you can ignore by just going to the address bar and entering in “weibo.com” – There you can start following people on weibo.

edit: You should get a confirmation email. You shouldn’t need to confirm your account with a mobile number / via text. 


To follow people on weibo, you can search for their username or get linked to their profile.

If you want to just search their username, at the top you will have this:

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 11.37.38 PM

Just enter in their usernames like “SUPERJUNIOR” ^^

You click on +加关注 to follow people on weibo ^^

Links to Super Junior’s weibos

Super Junior’s official weibo

Donghae’s weibo

Eunhyuk’s weibo

Siwon’s weibo

Heechul’s weibo

Shindong’s weibo

Kyuhyun’s weibo

Kibum’s weibo

Henry’s weibo

Zhou Mi’s weibo

Hangeng’s weibo

and if you would like to follow us hehe^^

WorldwideELFs’s weibo


55 thoughts on “[TUTORIAL] How to make a weibo account for fans in any country (+how to follow SJ on weibo)

  1. hey it seems that weibo now requires a china phone number for verification even if you use the email method to register. Tried creating two accounts using your method, both of which got frozen requiring a mainland number. I think it would help if you can gather fans with chinese numbers to help with the verification process.. This is the only way international fans can get weibo access for now.

  2. i already have weibo account (i used the same method with this tutorial when i registered)
    and already add siwon, kyuhyun and henry’s weibo but when i log in again, it says that i should put chinese number for verification.. what should i do ? 😦
    thanks anyway 🙂

      • No. You just needed to wait some day(s) and then login and then you’ll be fine. If anyone asks, there shouldn’t be a need to put in a phone number… The second picture with the huge red box is what you click to register by email so that you don’t enter some phone number. Someone said above that even with this email method that you have to put in your phone number. That’s where you wait some day(s) and then login and you’ll be able to use your weibo.

  3. For SMS verification choose 美國 if you are in USA. For phone number put your area code + number after 001. You may have to do more than once. The rest of this instruction works ok. Good luck! ^^

  4. I tried it, but its not working.. i always try to signup. Using Email.. but there is still required mobile number?? How?
    I’ve tried it for many times..

  5. Sina Weibo’s registration page now has an English version, and you can register with your email account. After registration, why the “School” field is required?

  6. Today I try to open an account in Sina Weibo everything was ok but they freeze my account I try many times to enter my country (USA) and my phone number after 001 (xxx) xxx-xxxx and nothing I don’t get any confirmation SMS nothing……. Someone can help please! Any solution about this problem? Thanks!

    • don’t use the phone number way… use the email way. international people have to use email. make sure you MATCH THE CHINESE. i just tried and it actually leads you to the email page first instead of the phone number page… you’ll get what i mean when you MATCH THE CHINESE. it will freeze your account anyway for a few days after you register your account but i can be used after that…inevitable.

  7. Hi! 🙂 I can’t access my account and it’s been a month since I created it…it keeps asking for that ‘SMS verification code’ thing. What should I do? 😦 Thanks!

    • wow a month??? i think they’ve changed how everything works with registration ever since we made this tutorial… we’ll look into it and tweet about it with a new tutorial. disregard this tutorial because it’s old.

  8. Hi, I’m from Russia. I read your tutorial, but did not understand anything.
    What do all the same? Where should I write?

  9. I’ve try to register but I can’t. It needs my phone number but th thing is philippines s not available on that list >•<

    • don’t register as your country lol. we’re just teaching our method. that’s how we didn’t have to get a phone number… i don’t know what’s wrong with yours :/

  10. Hello 🙂 I’ve signed up a weibo acc using my gmail adress. After signed, they said I must confirm trough my email to start using weibo. But, I’ve checked for many times, there’s no a confirmation email by weibo had sent. If you mind, help me^^

  11. Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources back to your blog?
    My website is in the very same niche as yours and my visitors would truly benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this okay with you. Regards!

  12. I try to register, but it need phone verification… But my country is not in list… how can i register? 😥

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