[MOD][131001] Vote for WorldwideELFs for the 2013 MWAVE K-POP AllStar Fan Club Awards!

Hi ELF!! We’re one fandom right? We vote as one fandom right? Then let’s unite and vote as one at the 2013 M-wave K-Pop Fan Club Awards!

Link to vote at: http://mwave.interest.me/site/list.m?sort=R&artist=Super+Junior&country=&language=English

Vote for WorldwideELFs! Use ALL your Mnet/Facebook/Twitter accounts and click ATTENDANCE to vote! Vote once a day for each account! Vote with 10 accounts (per IP)!

[SITUATION FROM ROUND 1 NOT ROUND 2 EXCEPT THE 5 FANBASES STAY THE SAME] @WorldwideELFs, @Sup3rJunior, @heechulfacts, @NKSubs and @SJ_Empire have all teamed up to vote as ONE FANDOM: ELF. Sound alright so far? The problem is we do not have our team of “ELF” registered and if we do register “ELF” right now, we have to wait until Monday for it to appear on the voting page. So in short, with how fanbases are arranged on the voting page, out of our team, we all mutually agreed to vote for TWO – WorldwideELFs and Sup3rJunior. THEN we will try to email Mnet to change the name “WorldwideELFs” into “ELF” and “Sup3rJunior” to “Super Junior.” As for the URL, for now, it will be left linking to WorldwideELFs and Sup3rJunior. We are still deciding about what to do with the URLs. We will update everyone when the final decision has been made.

In conclusion, we do not want to split votes between SJ fanbases. We don’t want to be a split family. We are all ONE FAMILY, right ^^?

We want to vote as one fandom not as different fanbases, and we hope you agree with us 😀

[ROUND 2 VOTING PERIOD] 2013.10.01 – 2013.10.21 (KST)

(We are only focusing on Round 1 right now! Round 2 is a different story!)

[ROUND 1 AND ROUND 2 PRIZES] All prizes earned from our placement in the round(s) will be split between all fanbases of our team and then given to followers of each fanbase ^^ We will use the prizes for SJ and ELF – you can count on that 😀

(We won in Round 1 so once Mnet tells us details in getting the prizes, each fanbase will hold their own giveaways to give them out to their own followers ^^)



9 thoughts on “[MOD][131001] Vote for WorldwideELFs for the 2013 MWAVE K-POP AllStar Fan Club Awards!

  1. i really hope for all ELFs to partipate so that we can be first place. I’ve been voting with every account I have and it seems the attendance number keeps decreasing every day. Anyways, ELFs FIGHTING. The last fandom standing.

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